Korra-nt Affairs



Bryan Carr, Steve Watts, and Nick Hurwitch recap, speculate, and crack wise about one of the best cartoons on TV. Note: Even though "The Legend of Korra" is appropriate for all ages, this podcast most certainly is not. Listener discretion advised.


  • Korra-nt Affairs, Episode 7: Nicks Bogus Comic-Con Adventure

    Korra-nt Affairs, Episode 7: "Nick's Bogus Comic-Con Adventure"


    Image credit: Bryan Konietzko's TumblrKorra-nt Affairs breaks its self-imposed exile to talk about many things, of cabbages and kings, but mostly of Comic-Con and Nick's aborted attempts to be there for you, the listeners. So we couldn't get into the Korra panel, but Nick's got plenty of great stories from the show floor and we'll recap what we know about Season 2 based on (reports from) the panel! So that's...kind of like being there! Also there's some really funny stories about con swag. So go ahead and download it...and by the way, we also tell you our plans for the next episode. You won't want to miss it, believe me, even though we might.

  • Korra-nt Affairs, Episode 6: Skeletons in the Closet/Endgame

    Korra-nt Affairs, Episode 6: "Skeletons in the Closet"/"Endgame"


     The big day has come and gone, and the boys are ready to talk about the Korra finale. Was it everything they hoped it would be? How far off the mark were they in their dumb predictions? Is Amon even close to who they thought he was? And is Naga the most important part of Team Avatar? All this, plus grumblings about romance and what we can look forward to in Season 2, can be found in this jumbo-size episode (we had to cover two chapters, after all!). Download it here, and stay tuned for more because even though The Legend of Korra is going away for a year Korra-nt Affairs isn't!

  • Korra-nt Affairs, Episode 5: Turning The Tides

    Korra-nt Affairs, Episode 5: "Turning The Tides"


    It's the penultimate episode of The Legend of Korra before next week's season finale and the boys have plenty to say about what might be the biggest, most jaw-dropping episode yet. How awesome is Lin Beifong? How might Amon win even if he loses? Was Aang trying to warn Korra about something else? And is Mako The Worst? ANSWERS: So awesome, listen to the episode, listen to the episode, and yes. Download it now!

  • Korra-nt Affairs, Episode 4: Out of the Past

    Korra-nt Affairs, Episode 4: "Out of the Past"


    Korra starts to get in touch with her spiritual side and Lin Beifong brings some class to the proceedings in this episode, where the boys discuss all the happenings in Episode 9, "Out of the Past". Exactly WHY was there a secluded cabin with a metal box that can't be opened  from inside? Exactly who or what is Amon after this week's happenings? And is Korra/Asami the new Betty/Veronica? All of these questions and more will be answered or at least sort of goofed on in the new episode of Korra-nt Affairs! So download it here.

  • Korra-nt Affairs, Episode 3: When Extremes Meet

    Korra-nt Affairs, Episode 3: "When Extremes Meet"


    Another week, another Korra-nt Affairs. And this week, do we ever have some stuff to talk about regarding Episode 8, "When Extremes Meet". Long-simmering tensions boil to the surface, some of the darker parts of the Avatar universe return to the forefront, and the whole thing basically plays like the end of Empire. Find out what our intrepid nerdlingers have to say about this episode's revelations and what they mean for the identity of Amon, Korra's love life, and most importantly Pabu and Naga. Download it here!

  • Korra-nt Affairs, Episode 2: Welcome to Republic City

    Korra-nt Affairs, Episode 2: "Welcome to Republic City"


     In this, the second episode of Korra-nt Affairs, the boys take advantage of a week without a new episode of The Legend of Korra to go back to the first episode of the series, "Welcome to Republic City", as well as talk about some new clues about Amon, Nick's theories about chi-blocking, the future of the series, and the insider secrets of animation studios. Fill the void in your life between new episodes by downloading this episode right away.

  • Korra-nt Affairs, Episode 1: The Aftermath

    Korra-nt Affairs, Episode 1: "The Aftermath"


      This summer, Nickelodeon has been airing probably one of the finest animated programs in years in The Legend of Korra, a worthy follow-up to the beloved classic Avatar: The Last Airbender with a cast of amazingly-realized characters, thought-provoking story, and gorgeous cinematography. So what to do when faced with a show of such quality? I'm not sure but it's probably not what Bryan Carr, Steve Watts, and Nick Hurwitch did in this, the first episode of the new Geekspeak summer series "Korra-nt Affairs". Every week, join these three knuckleheads as they dissect the show, bringing you theories, commentary, and more. This week, the boys talk about "Aftermath", the seventh episode of the first season and what it means for the identity of mysterious Big Bad Amon, the romantic implications our heroine will have to deal with, and also how awesome it was when those guys fought those guys. Download the first episode by clicking here.