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A community of Christian English scholars. Growing with Christ as we study how God communicates through literature.


  • Midterm Studycast #1

    Midterm Studycast #1


    Click here to listen to the studycast on the Grammar section of the Midterm Exam Study Guide. Be sure you have your Grammar book and Study Guide out, along with a pen or pencil.  Write small and be ready for class!  No excuses!

  • Thoughts on Night

    Thoughts on Night


    As we finish the novel Night, we need to begin to think through the answer to one of the first questions I asked as we started.  If you were the shoes of our main character, how would you respond?  What is the difference between his faith and yours that could make the difference?  There should be a difference.  Listen to this podcast and think about your response to that question. Click here to listen to this podcast.  Return to Edmodo to complete your assignment.

  • Faith in Night

    Faith in Night


    In the first three chapters of Night Eliezer has gone through a major shift in his religious beliefs and his faith in God.  His experiences begin to challenge the faith he had in a good and faithful God.  While he does not necessarily question the existence of God, he begins to seriously question the goodness of God.  He finds it hard to believe that a good and just God could allow something like this to happen. Click here to listen to this podcast.  In this podcast, listen to quotes from the first three chapters of Night demonstrating the major shifts in Eliezer's faith.  Think of how exactly his faith is changing, and how these quotes help us to see these changes.  Why is this happening to his faith?  If this were you, how do you honestly think you would react?  How would your faith change?

  • Night chapters 1-2

    Night chapters 1-2


    In chapters 1 & 2 of Night, the author recounts the days of his life leading up to his family's deportation to Auschwitz.  He shares how life slowly begins to change, while the changes go unnoticed until it is too late.  He talks about the terror of the train ride to Auschwitz, the prophetess Madame Schachter, and the beginning of his life as one long night. Click here to listen to the podcast on Night chapters 1-2. Be sure to check Edmodo for any follow up assignments after listening to this podcast.

  • Introduction to Night

    Introduction to Night


    Night is a novel about a young Jewish boy's experiences during World War II.  He relates how he and his family end up being deported to Auschwitz, a death camp in southern Poland.  He talks about his experiences in this camp and others, as he is forced to work and watch himself slowly die inside.  From his earliest experiences in the concentration camps, we will see how his faith in God is lost, and his life becomes an unending night. Click here to listen to the podcast titled "Introduction to Night". Be sure to see Edmodo for any additional assignments after listening to this.