Living Well In Berks Podcast Series



Discover the many ways to experience the best life you can live.


  • Living a Life of Ease

    Living a Life of Ease

    21/09/2012 Duración: 12min

    Join Diane as she interviews Sarita Linda Rocco, Owner of the Yoga Inlet in West Reading, PA. No Fads, Whole Foods, Easier Living and Simplifying Life! AYURVEDA!

  • Dr. Jeffrey Lupowitz

    Dr. Jeffrey Lupowitz

    11/09/2012 Duración: 12min

    Amazing information about spinal care and overall health!

  • Glueten Free Diet

    "Glue"ten Free Diet

    07/09/2012 Duración: 12min

    Listen to Sue as she describes how to live a "glue"ten free diet!

  • Positive Vibes with Suesie Hartman

    Positive Vibes with Suesie Hartman

    24/08/2012 Duración: 07min

    Listen as Diane Lauer (creator of Living Well in Berks) talks to Suesie Hartman about Energy Healing in her Premiere Podcast!