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Meaningful Connections' intention is to shed the light of consciousness on any situation that makes us unhappy. I do that by speaking with ordinary people about their life's experiences and the lessons learned from them. I emphasize on the ordinary nature of our guests because it reveals the innate wisdom in all of us.


  • Yes, My Parents Are Blind! Memoir by Laura Schriner

    "Yes, My Parents Are Blind!" Memoir by Laura Schriner

    22/02/2015 Duración: 29min

    Ever wonder what it would be like being raised by blind parents?  Ever thought of how different things would be? According to Laura, life was unique but not much different than everyone else's.Her upcoming book, "Yes, My Parents Are Blind!", is a story about her mother growing up as the only blind child among seven siblings, about her father losing his sight in a tragic accident at the prime of his life, and about the two of them falling in love and learning to adapt to their blindness together.You can follow Laura Schriner in Facebook and through her blog

  • Discerning between pleasing and serving

    Discerning between pleasing and serving

    31/12/2014 Duración: 14min

    Serving and pleasing are separated by a fine line. For example, I thought that I was serving my mom by giving her a blank check every month without considering the consequences in my budget. Why would I do something like that in my own detriment? Because I needed to please her, I needed her approval, and I was terrified of disappointing her. It looked like I was being a good daughter, but the reality is that I was growing in resentment at the same time that I was disabling her. I created the false expectation that I could take care of her with unlimited resources. When my finances changed, I had to put her on a budget in order to survive. I wondered then, what's the difference between SERVING and PLEASING? 

  • Why cant we stay awakened? with author Jennifer Schuitemaker

    Why can't we stay awakened? with author Jennifer Schuitemaker

    21/12/2014 Duración: 30min

    Jennifer defines "awakening" as a terminal condition for which there is no outside cure. In fact, she writes, "seeking outside remedies might even retard the process. It is impossible to become what you already are. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you".In a society in which judgment reigns supreme, everyone has to have something wrong with them. For Jennifer the antidote is not drugs, surgery or a visit to the shrink, but a good dose of awareness. "The problem is, we have to stop pushing against everything we think is holding us back. Stop healing all the problems you don’t have in the first place".Jennifer Schuitemaker is a visionary Mentor Author Speaker. Born in the United States and educated in Europe, Jennifer was imprinted with a natural affinity for new thought and ways of thriving. Studying the teachings of both past and present masters, Jennifer combines that knowledge with her life experiences to become a highly educated and certified visionary in her own right.See more at: http://www.mindblin

  • Environmental diet  awareness plan for a greener future with author CatherineBe

    Environmental diet & awareness plan for a greener future with author CatherineBe

    14/12/2014 Duración: 30min

    Catherine Be has traveled to India, Europe, Indonesia and China perusing her studies of spiritual philosophies. Her influences are Yoga, Ayurveda, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Taoism, Quantum Manifestation. She is a permaculturist, an Animal Rights, and Environmental Activist, Organic life style blogger, Urban Homesteader and the founder of a food movement. As a teacher of yoga and meditation, in person or at multimedia venues, she is an organic living artist.Accordine to Catherine, is "through green living and giving, organic lifestyle choices and challenges, we thrive in the powerful holistic art of universal harmony. Abundantly awake within the highest frequency of self, we enjoy the happiness of being connected to source, to each other, the earth, and within ourselves".She's launching a webinar the 3rd week of January 2015 about her new book "The E Diet: Environmental Diet and Awareness Plan", where she will provide effective tools to improve your quality of life and the well-being of the planet. For more info

  • Have a hidden ability but are afraid to express it? with author TanyaVonMontague

    Have a hidden ability but are afraid to express it? with author TanyaVonMontague

    07/12/2014 Duración: 30min

    What if you had psychic abilities? Would you be afraid of letting anyone know about them? How many people can say they are intuitive but telling someone might be embarrassing or shocking to friends and family members? Coming Out of Your Psychic Closet: A Guide to Help Embrace Your Intuitive Consciousness came to life by Author Tanya Von Montague when she realized she was tired of hiding in her own psychic closet. Tanya found that by transforming fear of the unknown to a sacred space where you are comfortable in your own skin would be the key to creating a life of tranquility and joy. Through the mind, soul, heart and hand Tanya promotes divine intuitive consciousness one spirit at a time.Tanya Von Montague is a Psychic-Medium and motivational speaker that promotes self-love and strength for those who are ready to recognize their own hidden abilities. A single mother of two young daughters, Tanya takes pride in being a positive role model for young women and strives to help them honor the divine feminine and e