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Love Seeker Radio with Coach Heather Lynn: Finding Love for Your Authentic SelfAre you exhausted by your search for love Have you listened to all of the "relationship experts", done what they said, and feel more jaded and more confused about dating than ever before Coach Heather Lynn brings a fresh innovative perspective to relationship coaching. As a professional love and life coach, Heather Lynn gets to the heart of whatrsquos keeping people stuck in dissatisfying relationship patterns. This world renowned coach believes that everyone can have a great and powerful love through vulnerability and self-knowledge, rather than mind games or striving for perfection. So get ready to find the right partner, move beyond the stuckness of any relations, and step into empowered right action.During this hit show, Heather will share insights about what typically keeps people stuck and how to open up to love and help you find hope in love again This live call in show will help you break free of the shackles of relationship woes and move you closer to the love you deserve.Heather Lynn will remind you that: You are not broken. You are not doing it wrong. Andhellipthat You can stop twisting yourself into that pretzel you think others want you to be. You can just be you. That beautiful and perfect you And you can have the life and love you desire Visit: Heatherlynncoaching.com


  • Why Breaking Free of a "Type" Can Lead to Amazing Love


    Join Dr. Pat and Co-host Heather Lynn Temple in a discussion of how or why you find yourself always falling for the same type. Learn what that type suggests about your love beliefs and why trying a different type might be the answer you've been looking for.

  • How to Live in a Way That Attracts Love


    Join Dr. Pat and Co-host Heather Lynn and learn how to live your life NOW in a way that will attract your ideal partner! Shake up your life now to get the love you want later. Bring on the joy, the fun, the love!

  • Keys to Finding Love


    Heather and Dr. Pat discuss how to find the love you deserve by following these three key pieces of wisdom.

  • Top Mistakes People Make When Looking for Love


    Listen and learn as Heather and Dr. Pat discuss some of the top mistakes people make when they're looking for love and how to overcome them. Learn how to avoid these and date differently with a few easy to follow suggestions.

  • How Can We Turn Heartache into Healing?


    Break-ups can be so painful, but there is a powerful way to use them to your advantage. Learn how your most recent (or not-so-recent) break-up can be your ticket to better love. Dr. Pat Baccili joins Heather Lynn in the discussion.

  • Are you holding yourself back from true love?


    Even though you might think you want love, you might be holding yourself back from truly experiencing it. Listen and learn how exploring your dating and relationship patterns is the key to finding powerful love. Dr. Pat joins in the fun!