In this monthly podcast we will feature interviews and dialogues with some of the Church's leading theologians and pastors. We hope that you will find this encouraging and helpful. If you would like to submit questions to be addressed in future episodes, then email them to


  • Interview with Douglas Wilson - Why Ministers Must Be Men

    Interview with Douglas Wilson - "Why Ministers Must Be Men"


    Special episode promoting the newest book from Athanasius Press: Why Ministers Must Be Men: A brief survey of the roles of men and women in the church by Douglas Wilson.

  • Interview with Mark Horne, Part 1

    Interview with Mark Horne, Part 1


    Pastor Steve Wilkins sat down with Mark Horne of St. Louis, MO in a discussion of the Epistle to the Romans. This is the first part of two parts in their discussion.

  • Interview with N.T. Wright

    Interview with N.T. Wright


    Interview with Bishop N.T. Wright on his book, Surprised by Hope: Rethinking Heaven, the Resurrection, and the Mission of the Church.

  • Interview with Jamie Soles

    Interview with Jamie Soles


    Duane Garner and Jarrod Richey interviewed Jamie Soles about his music and played selections from some of his songs. Jamie Soles has been called by some, "Jim Jordan put to music." His music is a great resource for learning the stories of the Bible and teaching them to our children. You can contact Jamie at his website:

  • Interview with Douglas Wilson

    Interview with Douglas Wilson


    Duane Garner spoke with Doug Wilson about his new book Hebrews Through New Eyes: Christ and His Rivals as well as discussed Doug Wilson's debate tour with Christopher Hitchens.

  • Interview with Duane T. Garner

    Interview with Duane T. Garner


    A discussion with Pastor Duane Garner on his new book, The End is Not Near.

  • Interview with J. Steven Wilkins (Special Edition)

    Interview with J. Steven Wilkins (Special Edition)


     A discussion with Pastor Steve Wilkins about the upcoming Fall 2008 Bucer semester and the 2009 Pastors Conference slate of Speakers.