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Everything you need to know on what's happening with the music department at Addington HIgh School!


  • Radio Show 1 - 3rd July 2009 BELIEVE AND ACHIEVE FM

    04/07/2009 Duración: 19min

    Addington High School's first radio show! Download it now! Playlist: 1. 'I Don't See the Point' -- GDOT2 (Marcus C., Lewis K. and Tom W. Year 8) 2. 'My Girl' -- DAMZIE (Felix T. Year 11) 3. 'Mercy' -- Mrs. Brown 4. 'Drug Awareness Infomercial' -- Dane C and Lewis J (Year 7) 5. 'Neva Dat' -- DAMZIE and Y. DAMZIE (Felix T. and Billy T. (Year 11) 6. 'I'm With You' -- Chelsey B (Year 9) 7. 'Wifey' -- GDOT2 (Lewis K., Tom W., and Marcus C. Year 8)