Curious Universe Podcast



A weekly podcast hosted by Moreno Scatozza. Talking about Astronomy, Space, The Universe and everything in between.


  • Episode 9 – Planet Nine


    Did we find a Planet nine? Join Moreno on this episode where he explains the search for a massive planet that has been forcing other bodied objects from the Kuiper Belt to do strange things..Does this planet even exist? Could it be something else? Why couldn’t we detect it before? This is what Astronomers live […]

  • Episode 8 – The Theory of Parallel Universes


      In this podcast Moreno will be discussing The Theory of Parallel Universes. Breaking down the facts and throwing in some wild theories! But come on, is this theory really possible? If so, how can we (the science community) prove it? Can black holes be an entrance way to other Universes? Speaking with Mr. Richard Palson on […]

  • Episode 7 -What Is Space?


    In Episode seven, Moreno describes what space is. Space here, space there, space everywhere. How big is it? How do we measure it? And how does it effect us as a species. We all have our own “space,” but is it really what we think it is? Join Moreno Scatozza on the topic of Space… cause […]

  • Episode 6 -Exoplanets


      In this sixth podcast, Moreno will be discussing Exoplanets. Planets that are orbiting other Stars in other solar systems. Nearly 2000 exoplanets have been discovered. 1,969 planets in 1,249 planetary systems have been found. Some that may have water on its surface and/or have potential for life. In the science community, we call them Super-Earths. Join Moreno […]

  • Episode 5 -Stars


                  In this fifth podcast Moreno will be discussing stars and how we (in the astronomy world) classify the different types of stars by their heat, color and luminosity. Red Giants, Main Sequence Stars, Neutron Stars and even Black Holes all have a connection that shape our galaxy. Learn […]

  • Episode 4 -The Moons In Our Solar System


    In this Forth podcast, Moreno will be discussing our moons in our solar system. There are over 176 known moons in our solar system alone! Lets face it, moons are cool and they are super fun to talk about. Some have atmospheres, weather patterns, storms, lakes, volcanoes and some with really weird orbital periods. So get […]

  • Episode 3. -Our Solar System


    In this third podcast, Moreno will be discussing our Solar System. Knowing all the 8 major planets and some of the 144 moons in our solar system is not only essential, but the first step for astronomy and space lovers. Measuring the complicated distances, temperature, mass and environment  of each planet , Moreno will simplify the terms […]

  • Episode 2. -Where are we in the universe?


    In this second podcast, Moreno will be discussing where we are in the universe. Everyone has an address right? well, so does earth.. and so does our solar system.. our galaxy and so on..To the furthest reaches of the universe itself, it is important to know where we are, and where we stand as a […]

  • Episode 1- Introduction to Curious Universe


                    In this very first podcast, Moreno Scatozza will get things rolling with answers to some of the FAQ’s. (frequently asked questions) Also he will be explaining what kind of show we will be bringing to our listeners. The what, the how, the who, and the why. Information […]