Learning Technologies @ Leeds Podcast



Making sense of learning technologies. Looking at how learning technologies are being used by staff and students at the University of Leeds. https://minerva.leeds.ac.uk/webapps/lobj-podcast-bb_bb60/feed/+TFRBTA==+/podcast.xml


  • LT@L cast21: Ning for Social Networking


    A Masters in Social Work is using the Ning social networking tool to provide a secure online location for students to meet and get to know more about each other before the course starts. Featuring Ros Day and Bruce Holliday.

  • LT@L cast20: UCISA podcasting event


    Views on podcasting from participants at the recent UCISA masterclass in Fresh ideas in successful IT training.

  • LT@L cast 19: Screencapture


    Professor Alison McKay describes how she has used screencapture technology to quickly create learning objects demonstrating essential skills for students to practice at their own pace.

  • LT@L cast16: Wimba Create and digital audio


    Ian Haslam talks to Simon Davis about how he has used Wimba Create and digital audio recordings to create training materials for safe handling of radioactive materials.

  • LT@L cast14: Lecture Capture


    Jocasta Williams talks to Simon Davis at ALT-C 2009 about the launch of lecturecapture.com the support site for the lecture capture community with discussion forums, research, conference proceedings etc.

  • LT@L cast12: Mobile Learning


    Julie Laxton talks to Simon Davis about the ALPS (Assessment and Learning in Practice Settings) program and its use of mobile devices for delivering learning and assessment to students on placement in the NHS.

  • LT@L cast11: Podcasting for teaching


    Mark Reed, Neil Morris, Karen Lee and Aisha Walker talk to Simon Davis about podcasting and audio for learning and teaching.

  • LT@L cast 10: Google docs


    Sarah Sherman from the APT-STAIRS project speaks to Simon Davis about the use of Google Docs for collaborative learning.

  • LT@L cast 08: Audio recording equipment


    If you need to record audio then there is a range of equipment available to you. Some of it will be fine for making quick recordings on a computer while other tools are perfect for recording interviews. This podcast episode gives examples of four commonly used tools and discusses their pros and cons in ease of use, portability, cost and quality. For more details see www.leeds.ac.uk/sddu/podcast

  • LT@L cast 07: E-journals


    Jane Wardman and Paula Lancaster talk about using student created journals to create links between research and teaching. For more information visit http://www.leeds.ac.uk/sddu/podcast

  • LT@L cast 06: Dragster


    Dragos Ciobanu talks about the Dragster drag and drop quiz tool. For more information visit http://www.leeds.ac.uk/sddu/podcast

  • LT@L cast 05: Online quizzes


    Dr David Marples talks about his experiences using the BlackBoard quiz tools in a first year Biosciences core module. For more information visit http://www.leeds.ac.uk/sddu/podcast

  • LT@L cast 03: Digital marking


    Kris Moodley talks about how he has used the VLE to enhance the submission of assessments and a tablet PC and stylus to speed up and improve his marking process.

  • LT@L cast02: Electronic Voting System


    Paul Arnold from Healthcare talks about how he has used the electronic voting system (handheld "clickers") to increase student interaction and provide formative assessment in his lectures.

  • LT@L cast01: Audio Feedback


    Dr Nick Robinson from POLIS talks abiout how he uses audo files to give in depth feedback to his students.