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Series Two Has Now Been Cancelled - but take a trip down memory lane with Matthew & Aaron's Greatest Hits, available to download now! In this free podcast two average, but gifted ... and handsome, teenagers discuss anything from aliens to victorian freak-show performers, unusual animals and everything in between with hilarious results! The Show also includes reviews of the latest movies, video games and some regular features such as Matthew's Impromptu Question, Factoid of the Show, Weird News and Hit or Shit? All 5 Episodes of Series One are currently available to download or just subscribe and listen to them on your iPod wherever you are. E-mail any topics, news, hate-mail or viagra related spam to or just subscribe, sit back, click play and enjoy the show.


  • Matthew  Aarons Greatest Hits!

    Matthew & Aaron's Greatest Hits!

    16/04/2012 Duración: 29min

    Series One. In this compilation we revisit the greatest and funniest moments from the first series of Matthew and Aaron's Very Own Podcast. Contains Weird News, Matthew's Impromptu Question, as well as features on Aliens and Freak-Show Performers. Relive the greatest clips whether you have heard them before or not. It's free!

  • Episode Five: The Christmas Special

    Episode Five: The Christmas Special

    12/12/2010 Duración: 34min

    Series One [5/5]. In this final episode of the series the boys talk about the ins and outs of xmas. Matthew's Impromptu Question, Hit or Sh*t?, Weird News, Factoid of the Show are all back for the last time. New Series Starts on the 16th January. E-mail us: Click subscribe, then click play, sit back, and enjoy the show! Get someone the best christmas present by buying them the third episode of Matthew and Aaron's Very Own radio Show : - now available!

  • Episode Four: Weird News Special

    Episode Four: Weird News Special

    05/12/2010 Duración: 37min

    Series One [4/5]. In this very special penultimate episode of Matthew & Aaron's Very Own Podcast the boys have a bumper collection of weird news articles ranging from Cattle getting their head stuck in machine machines, to diseases which cause people to obsessively eat dirt, and even some shocking and bizarre photos from Google Street View's launch in Germany. Matthew's Impromptu Question makes a return as well as Factoid of the Show and Word of the Show. The Boys also review the three films you should see before you die and they also launch a competition. To submit your entry or to suggest a topic or to give some constructive criticism you can contact the show via e-mail at: To purchase the first episode of Matthew & Aaron's Very Own Radio Show visit: and the second episode at:

  • Episode Three: Animals

    Episode Three: Animals

    28/11/2010 Duración: 40min

    Series One [3/5] This week, the Boys discuss the marvels of the animal kingdom - including the recent attacks on women in Hyde Park by the 'Dracula Fish'. There is also a review of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One and Matthew gives the definitive answer as to what is the best video game of 2010. Weird News, Bloopers and Matthew's Impromptu Question all make a welcome return and with the longest running time of the series yet its definitely value for money! E-mail the team at: or just sit back, subscribe, click play and enjoy the show!

  • Episode Three: Animals (Clean Edit)

    Episode Three: Animals (Clean Edit)

    28/11/2010 Duración: 44s

    Series One [3/5] The Third Episode of Matthew & Aaron's Very Own Podcast edited so what there is no swearing or offensive matter - enjoy! E-mail at:

  • Episode Two: The Difficult Second Album

    Episode Two: "The Difficult Second Album"

    21/11/2010 Duración: 35min

    Series One [2/5] How do you top Episode One? The Boys have a good go in this second episode of Matthew & Aaron's Very Own Podcast in which they ponder the existence of Extra-Terrestrials by reading a report by a "Doctor" Bellingham on Alien Behaviour, an account of a "genuine" Alien Abduction and a man who believes he is being targeted by Intergalactic beings... all in a humorous and unashamedly offensive manner! There is a review of SKYLINE, in cinemas now, and of Ubisoft's latest game Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. Weird News, Matthew's Impromptu Question and Factoid of the Show all make an appearance as well as a brand new feature! E-mail any Hate-Mail, Topics or Comments to: or just click Subscribe, Sit back, Click Play, and enjoy the Show (now available on iTunes!)

  • Episode One: The Internet (Pilot)

    Episode One: The Internet (Pilot)

    14/11/2010 Duración: 30min

    Series One [1/5] In this first episode of Matthew & Aaron's Very Own Podcast the boys discuss some surprising sites they have come across on the Internet as well as unfortunate domain names. Also includes a review for the latest Call of Duty and Due Date (in cinemas now) Regular features Weird News and Factoid of the Show all make an appearance so sit back, click play and enjoy the show!