Tap For Mana



On the Tap For Mana podcast hosts Chris and Will go over their recent adventures in Magic the Gathering. They also cover recent spoilers on new cards, recent tournaments results, rotation for standard, some edh fun, FNM's, Will's cube, and other things related to the game. They also wonder off topic and brew about decks and rougue brews as well as talk about whatever comes to mind.


  • Jace is Insane

    19/10/2015 Duración: 45min

    In this episode we cover why Jace is insane and other things to do with how crazy expensive standard is, what we've been up to and other things going on with us. 

  • Battle for Zendikar Pre-release Special

    24/09/2015 Duración: 01h04min

    In this podcast hosts Chris and Will talk about everything to do with the pre-release and what they think of Battle for Zendikar in general. They cover the best cards in each color for limited, some interesting bomb rares for limted, and what kind of strategies seem to work well in this limited format and sealed for pre-release. 

  • Welcome to the Show

    21/09/2015 Duración: 01h06min

    In this episode we welcome the viewers to the show, talk about some Battle For Zendikar (BFZ) spoilers and how they will fit into standard. We also cover what cards we are going to miss from standard and some cards we are happy to see gone. We also discuss some different things about rotation and the new standard.