Btx-360 Podcast



Talks about the Xbox and Xbox 360 and the Live Features. Fun for any xbox owner.


  • BTx-360 Podcast Ep. 2


    Well it's finally done. This week we feature a little review on the PS3 vs. Xbox 360. There's also some funny stuff thrown in. Also check out our forums by clicking on the the link on the right.-Download Here-

  • BTx-360 Podcast Episode 1


    Well, I finally got our first episode out. So I'll just let everyone know what BTx-360 Podcast is about. BTx-360 Podcast is hosted by SyKoTiC721 & MaSsAcRe251. It's about Xbox games, features, etc...and about Xbox 360 games, features, etc...and Xbox Live. If you liked the episode post it here.-Download Here-Big Thanks to MadGex, without him, None of this would've happened...well it would've took longer.