Anime Vs Gamer



The Ultimate Battle Between Anime & Video Games Has Only Just Begun!


  • Episode 1. Old Vs New (The Anime Edition)

    09/11/2014 Duración: 29min

    Anime Girl and PR Gamer Battle it Out to Discuss The Differences Between Classic Anime Vs New Anime and Our Generation Vs The Current Generation. In this Edition of Anime Vs Gamer Who will Have the Last Word? [Old Animes for us are from 1990 until Late 2000} {New Animes for us are from 2010 until present Time} Information about our Host: Anime Girl is a Anime Aficionado and Globe-trotter and PR Gamer is a Avid Gamer and Game Designer.This Brother and Sister Duo are in Love with Everything Anime and Gaming since there early Teens. They have collectively seen around 2,000 animes together and have many Hours of Gaming Credit in Different Platforms Together. There No Experts but they Appreciate The Art, Passion and Dedication that goes into every single Title that is Released to us The Public.