Dead Or Alive Podcast



A bi-weekly podcast about the Dead or Alive game series.


  • FSD Podcast #2


    Matt Ponton, Chris "NinjaCW" Harris, Allan Paris, and Khaled "Emperor Cow" Habbab discuss the Dead or Alive tournament results in the first Road to the Fall Classic event, Dead or Alive In Dallas 10. Additional discussions regarding the upcoming events, community funding for tournament travel, tier discussions and comparisons between the current tier lists on Event Hubs and Free Step Dodge, and breakdowns on various character match ups.

  • FSD Podcast #1


    Matt Ponton, Chris "NinjaCW" Harris, Allan Paris, and Khaled "Emperor Cow" Habbab discuss the Dead or Alive competitive scene as Emperor Cow heads to Reign of Fire in Paris, France this weekend to compete. The Top 8 of East Coast Throwdown's DOA5U tournament plays in the background. FreeStepDodge.Com

  • DOA Podcast #12 - Missed Us?


    Mr. Wah and grap3fruitman return from the podcasting dead with guests VirtuaPai and NinjaCW and we talk all about the DOA5 news that's come out during our

  • DOA Podcast #11 - A Casual Chat


    UncleKitchener, Mr. Wah, and grap3fruitman casually talk about DOA, Tekken, Soul Calibur 5 and everything in

  • DOA Podcast #10 - Back from the Dead!


    Rikuto, Mr. Wah and grap3fruitman return from the dead to discuss the Dead or Alive 5 trailer and our hopes, concerns and wishes for the game.

  • DOA Podcast #9 - I'm a Podcast


    Gill Hustle and grap3fruitman intended on just creating a commentary track for the DOA5 reveal trailer and ended up talking for two hours instead. This is that discussion. Please to enjoy!

  • DOA Podcast #8 - Better Late Than Never!


    It's been far too long since we've put up an episode so here we go! Raansu, VirtuaPai and grap3fruitman discuss a remark made by Team Ninja head, Yosuke Hayashi, regarding DOA as well as what we'd like to see in a future Dead or Alive game.

  • DOA Podcast #7 - The Way She Was Raised


    Raansu, Mr. Wah and grap3fruitman talk DOA Dimensions, the recent DID7 event and Team Ninja's involvement with the DOA community

  • DOA Podcast #6 - Bad Tournament, Bad Experience


    Tom Brady, Perfect Legend, Hubbs and grap3fruitman discuss recent drama within the DOA community and lightly touch on what the next DOA game needs in order to help revive a community on

  • DOA Podcast #5 - The Once a Month Podcast!


    Hubbs, Mr. Wah and grap3fruitman discuss Dead or Alive Dimensions, the upcoming Philly gathering, DID7 and Team Ninja's recent and upcoming involvement in the DOA community.

  • DOA Podcast #4 - For Hot Beaches, There's No Greater Power Than "X"


    In this episode, grap3fruitman and Mr. Wah return from a month-long hiatus and are joined by guests Hubbs and Allan Paris. We've all had a hands-on with the 3DS and in addition discuss extended warranties, Dead or Alive Dimensions and online and offline tournaments!

  • DOA Podcast #3 - Ice Cream


    In this episode, grap3fruitman is joined by Hubbs and they discuss the upcoming Dead or Alive Dimensions game, the recent Japanese location test, what we got out of it and also go off on random

  • DOA Podcast #2 - Moved Up to 6AM


    For our second podcast, Mr. Wah (Matt) and grap3fruitman (Chris) are joined by guests Perfect Legend (Carl) and Tom Brady (Bill) to discuss what changes we would like to see in future DOA

  • DOA Podcast #1


    In our first podcast, Mr. Wah and grap3fruitman rough it out and discuss what we know so far about Dead or Alive Dimensions, our issues with it thus far and compare it to some of the older DOA games.