Craft beer news, views and idle gossip. Original Gravity Radio is a monthly podcast from the makers of Original Gravity magazine ( It is dedicated to everything related to great #beer, whether it is #realale #craftbeer. Each episode, editor Daniel Neilson is joined by contributor Ant Miller. They usually take the following format: The Mash: News, views and idle gossipThe Feature: A great interview, or outside broadcast. The Essay: An in-depth look at a fascinating topic in the beer worldTasting Notes: Time to crack open a couple of beers and enjoy


  • Episode 3 - Garrett Oliver

    Episode 3 - Garrett Oliver

    01/07/2016 Duración: 51min

    We're back! Yep, Original Gravity Radio returns, finally, for episode 3. And it's a belter (or at least the best of the three so far). So, what's in it? Well, we're drinking with Garrett Oliver and Thornbridge's Jim Harrison and chatting about their stunning collaboration Serpent for our feature Alongside our main feature, just like in Original Gravity% magazine ( we've The Mash (news, views and idle gossip), tasting notes on beers from our collaboration with Meantime (slightly out of date ownership information), along with Elgood's Coolship Fruit, Moncada Brewery's Ruby Rye and Flying Dog's Tropical Bitch. And, don't miss all the chat about the the carpets at Wetherspoons pubs. Thanks to Gary Lashmar for the image.

  • Original Gravity Radio Ep1

    Original Gravity Radio Ep1

    03/05/2015 Duración: 35min

    Welcome to episode 1 of Original Gravity Radio (yes we've had an episode before but @meeware being a geek likes this kind of numbering). In it we have: - An interview with Pete Brown about his new book. - News of the United Craft Brewers Association - Tasting notes on Black Metal Brewery and BrewDog - Plus beers from Thornbridge and Harveys Thanks

  • Episode 0

    Episode 0

    06/04/2015 Duración: 31min

    Welcome to Episode 0 of Original Gravity Radio, the podcast from the makers of Original Gravity% magazine ( In this episode we take a look at Mikkeller's new, and amazing, book, interview Jasper Cuppaidge, founder of Camden Town Brewery, about his epic crowd-funding excercise and taste two great beers. Plus tasting notes on Adnams Crystal Rye IPA and By The Horns London Porter. Why Episode 0 - let's call it our Beta.