Heathside Ict Revision Podcast



  • 4: Online Communities

    4: Online Communities

    22/04/2015 Duración: 15min

    The web gives people the power to join together from all over the world. This episode looks at different kinds of on-line communities, their features, benefits and drawbacks.

  • 3: Transactional Data

    3: Transactional Data

    14/04/2015 Duración: 12min

    In this episode you'll learn about all the data that you supply when you choose to use transactional websites (e.g. shopping sites) and how this data is stored for later use by the owners of the website.

  • Episode 2: Buying On-line

    Episode 2: Buying On-line

    11/04/2015 Duración: 09min

    In this podcast we'll consider the benefits and drawbacks of buying an selling on-line. There's also some advice about how to answer questions if/when these topics come up.

  • GCSE ICT Revision Podcast 1: Social and Legal Issues

    GCSE ICT Revision Podcast 1: Social and Legal Issues

    10/12/2014 Duración: 11min

    In this podcast we'll look at the digital divide: what it is and some factors that cause some people to get better access to digital resources than others. There's also a section on some of the major laws that affect ICT use.