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I'm Eric Schwartzman and this is my curated podcast feed. I love podcasts, listen to them all the time and these are my favorites.


  • Episode 613 - President Barack Obama


    Marc welcomes the 44th President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, to the garage for conversation about college, fitting in, race relations, gun violence, changing the status quo, disappointing your fans, comedians, fatherhood and overcoming fear. And yes, this really happened. This episode is presented without commercial interruption courtesy of Squarespace. Go to to see behind-the-scenes photos and captions.

  • Ben Kiker on Social Learning in Action & Across the Enterprise


    Ben Kiker is the Chief Marketing Officer at Jive Software, the recognized leader in the emerging Social Business Software market. With over 3,000 customers and 15 million users, Jive works with some of the world’s most recognizable brands, revolutionizing how information and expertise is shared within their organizations. In this podcast, Ben explains the four keys [...]

  • George Siemens on Social Learning Networks: From Theory to Practice


    George Siemens is a renowned thought leader in the evolution of learning in todays social world and author of the influential article Connectivism: A Learning Theory for the Digital Age. Recently George has been on the forefront of a number of animated discussions regarding the role of social networks in learning and the future of [...]

  • FIR #610 - 8/1/11 - For Immediate Release


    Vote for FIR on Podcast Alley; Speakers and Speeches from SF Curators Salon and FIR Live on content strategies are up; listener comments; Ragan promo; News That Fits: curation comes of age during Oslo attacks, Michael Netzley's Asia report, Media Monitoring Minute, Twitter improves your writing, the cost of social media incidents, PollStream promo, Dan York's report; music from PolaroidKiss; and more.

  • 257: Getting Networking Right


    Rob Cross, associate professor at the University of Virginia's McIntire School of Commerce and coauthor of the HBR article "A Smarter Way to Network."

  • SPOS #262 - Media Hacks #38


    Welcome to episode #262 of Six Pixels Of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast. This is also episode #38 of Media Hacks... and, we're back! Chris Brogan, Hugh McGuire and I dig deep into Google + - the new online social network from Google that has over 10 million users in under two weeks and over one billion items shared. We look at what this new entry into Social Media means to Facebook, Twitter, business and beyond. If you're curious about Google + and the ever-changing landscape of our digital lives, I highly recommend you take a listen to this episode of Media Hacks. Enjoy the conversation... Here it is: Six Pixels Of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast - Episode #262 - Host: Mitch Joel. Running time: 53:48. Please send in questions, comments, suggestions - Hello from Beautiful Montreal. Subscribe over at iTunes. Please visit and leave comments on the Blog - Six Pixels of Separation. Feel free to connect to me directly on Facebook here: Mitch Joel on Facebo

  • 253: The Education Bubble, Tenure Envy, and Tuition


    Justin Fox, editorial director of the HBR Group and author of the article "Disrupting Higher Ed."

  • DM 210: Brian Solis on the Un-LIKEing Movement, Magic Middle and FCommerce


    Brian Solis, author of Engage and principal at Altimeter Group weighs in on:Syndication of Social ObjectsWhat to DO with Influencers vs. Press vs. Bloggers vs. AdvocatesIdentifying the "Magic Middle"Using Social Media to generate FAST revenueInterest Graphs FCommerceBrand JournalismOrganizational Transformation via the C-Suite

  • Anything You Want


    Anything You WantThis content from: Duct Tape Marketing Anything You WantThis content from: Duct Tape Marketing Marketing podcast with Derek Sivers (Click to play or right click and Save As to download Subscribe now via iTunes or subscribe via other RSS device (Google Listen) This weeks guest on the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast is Derek Sivers, founder of CDBaby and author of [...]

  • For Immediate Release Interview: Brian Solis


    FIR co-host Shel Holtz interviews The Altimeter Group's Brian Solis

  • 0157-The BeanCast: The "Air Quotes" of Social Media


    This Week: Gini Dietrich, Kelly Eidson, Bill Green and Shiv Singh join Bob to discuss the Google/AdMeld deal, using hashtags outside of Twitter, solving the creative gender gap, whether Twitter saved the film Super 8, and who threatens cable the most.

  • DM 208: Eric Schwartzman on Automated Social Content Marketing


    Learn why content marketing is good, but automated social media marketing, though riskier and tougher, is more sustainable. See how social graphs are colliding as LinkedIn and Twitter integrate with sites like Amazon and Facebook to montage social graphs with more actionable data.Learn about new companies like Janrain, Jive, DoubleDutch and Infinigraph. Learn why the C-Suite imperative is to become digitally astute. And what companies like BH, Crutchfield and Hoovers are doing to leverage social for competitive revenue growth.Eric Schwartzman is co-author of Social Marketing to the Business Customer. Listen to your B2B marketing, generate major account leads and build client relationships.

  • The Social Hour 11:


    Amber Sarah chat with CEO Elie Seidman, WWDC reveals social features in iOS 5, Hidden app to track thieves, Regretsy sides with Urban Outfitters, and more! Guest: Co-Founder CEO of, Elie Seidman. Download or subscribe to this show at We invite you to read, add to, and amend our show notes. Bandwidth for The Social Hour is provided by AOL Music and Hosts: Amber MacArthur and Sarah Lane Video URL: Video URL (low quality): Running time: 1:01:28

  • SPOS #257 - The Extinction Of The Marketing Dinosaur With Avinash Kaushik


    Welcome to episode #257 of Six Pixels Of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast. When will the Marketing Dinosaurs die? When will those who hold the keys to marketing power truly start shifting their ways to not only embrace these new Digital Marketing channels, but to use them to unleash the most power form of Marketing that has ever been created? This was the question that Avinash Kaushik and I discussed this passed week while we were both speaking at The Art of Marketing event in Vancouver (which also featured Gary Vaynerchuk, Guy Kawasaki, Bill Taylor and Ron Tite). Avinash - the Digital Marketing Evangelist for Google and bestselling business book author of Web Analytics - An Hour A Day and Web Analytics 2.0 is a regular on this show (and a close friend). His perspectives are always fresh and direct. As usual, he holds no punches. Enjoy the conversation... Here it is: Six Pixels Of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast - Episode #257 - Host: Mitch Joel. Running time: 46:35. Please send in question