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Overflowing Pensieves is a Harry Potter podcast made by Harry Potter fans for Harry Potter fans. All the latest talk, theories and often times news are found on this podcast.


  • Overflowing Pensieves Episode 8: the Skype-iest problems

    23/01/2006 Duración: 39min

    Our 8th podcast is done over Skype so we apologize in advance for the poor sound quality, but we hope that won't discourage you! (FYI, the kinks have been fixed and the sound quality will be better next time) On this podcast: ~ We talk about how Harry Potter has changed our lives, and wonder how it has changed yours ~Ari, our guest speaker provides wonderful insight on Dumbledore's hand ~Death Eaters: and what they'll do next ~Character Clues: continued! ~And loads more of the things you've grown to expect! BLOG!: www.overflowingpensives.blogspot.com EMAIL!:overflowing_pensieves@hotmail.com EMAIL!: opteamout@yahoo.com

  • Overflowing Pensieves Episode 6: The Return of the Guest Speaker

    31/12/2005 Duración: 22min

    Happy Holidays to all our listeners! Our Christmas episode is our best one yet! With guest speaker Jocelyn, we discuss what has happened to Harry during his past Christmases and touch lightly upon what Harry might do for his next and last Christmas at Hogwarts. Due to our lack of feedback, we composed our own Harry Potter Christmas carol, and have gotten a new email address. Download and check us out at www.overflowingpensieves.blogspot.com and email us at overflowing_pensieves@hotmail.com OR opteamout@yahoo.com Once again, Happy Holidays! Apprently there was no sound file for this, so Dana informed us and I was able to get the glitch fixed. I made another booboo! So you get 2 podcasts! ::laughs::

  • Overflowing Pensieves Episode &: The Magical Number

    31/12/2005 Duración: 30min

    Lucky listeners! Two podcasts on the same day! Of course you didn't really hear the christmas podcast until today (all of you guys have Dana to thank for that). This podcast is really for the Hew Year, but we're giving to you on New Year's Eve eve, so we all can celebrate the coming of the new year. In this episode we delve into the irony of Voldemort's birthday being on New Year's day (when it is supposed to symbolize rebirth and purification), the lack of a topic, our new weekly segment which is much more listener interactive, and loads of other fun quirky stuff that you just love to hear! BLOG!: www.overflowingpensieves.blogspot.com EMAIL!: overflowing_pensives@hotmail.com EMAIL!:opteamout@yahoo.com

  • Overflowing Pensieves Episode 5: The Feedback Strikes Back

    14/12/2005 Duración: 32min

    In our fifth podcast, our guest speaker deserts us again! Our topics runs away, so we snag Hogwarts as our topic. Get in the Christmas cheer with a new challenge! Our lovely feedback dies, and Dana is doing transcripts. Only a fraction of what you will find on this episode, along with the 'special place' Voldemort appears to possess. Contact us at overflowingpensieves@hotmail.com and find out more about us at www.overflowingpensieves.blogspot.com.

  • Overflowing Pensieves Episode 4: GOBLET OF FIRE! (a.k.a. The New Movie)

    21/11/2005 Duración: 49min

    The fourth episode. Includes talk about Goblet of Fire, questions from our fans, a new challenge (based on the movie) and all the other spontaneous things we are known for. In our longest episode yet, we thoroughly hash the movie, and that's nearly about all that we do. E-mail us with feedback at overflowing_pensieves@hotmail.com

  • Overflowing Pensieves Episode 2: The Attack of the Awkward Silences

    02/11/2005 Duración: 23min

    Our second podcast. Topic of the week: Snape's future plans, Ship of the week: Remus Lupin/Nymphadora Tonks. Filled with movie news, chat, contests, riddles and upcoming events. Visit us at www.overflowingpensieves.blogspot.com

  • Overflowing Pensieves Episode 1: The Phantom Podcast

    26/10/2005 Duración: 17min

    The pilot episode. Containing news, chat and challenges. Visit us at www.overflowingpensieves.blogspot.com