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  • A Heart on Fire For God


    Awesome Praise Service week after Easter 2015. We included the song service, a special song from the Hambrock's visiting from Wisconsin, and the preaching message from Bro. Glenn Whipple.

  • Easter's The original 3 Day Weekend


    Easter Resurrection Sunday Service 2015

  • Palm Sunday Celebration


    Portions of Palm Sunday Service Recorded Choruses beginning @ 0:00 He touched me Blessed assurance Hymn beginning @ 2:25 I will praise him Special song … Gary King beginning @ 9:00 He reached way down for me Sermon … Pastor Glenn Whipple beginning @ 12:30 Palm Sunday, "We ought to praise Him"

  • Jesus Paid it All


    Sunday Morning Church Service

  • i go to church to Worship pt. 2


    March 1, 2015 Sunday night church service: Begins with the song "I give all to you." Then we are in a Discipleship Lesson series called "Why do I go to church?" This week we answered the question with "I go to church to worship."

  • Crucified with Christ


    Sunday morning church service ... the 1st 10 minutes is some of the song service. Bro. Darvin Chandler singing a classic hymn "Whispering Hope." Then Patty Whipple singing the song "Crucified with Christ." Pastor Glenn challenging us from Galatians 2:20. We need to live our Christian lives considering ourselves dead to the old life of sin and selfishness and be made alive in Christ. Christ lives in us enabling us to live a new life in Christ.

  • I go to church to Worship


    Pastor Glenn preaching through a discipleship series in the Sunday night services at Florence Community ... asking/answering the question, "Why do I go to church? This message was given using a keynote presentation. The main thought of the message is on the topic of worship. The 1st Priority of the Church is to Worship God.