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  • #87 Ryan Leier: Life Of A Modern Yogi 


    **PLEASE NOTE**  This podcast was recorded on April 10, 2020 “Everything you do affects everything else. You, and what you do matters” – Ryan Leier  Website Instagram The One Yoga Digital Studio 45 Minute Vinyasa Yoga Class with Ryan Leier The Heart of Yoga: Developing a Personal Practice Light on Yoga: The Definitive Guide to… The post #87 Ryan Leier: Life Of A Modern Yogi  appeared first on Active Vegetarian.

  • #86 Dr. Will Bulsiewicz: How To Restore Your Gut Naturally


    “Instead of covering the problem, together we’ll get to the root cause, fix it, and find out how to prevent it in the first place. With a one-two punch of plant-based foods and easy lifestyle shifts like exercise and meditation, you’ll learn to take back control of the way you eat, look, and feel (because… The post #86 Dr. Will Bulsiewicz: How To Restore Your Gut Naturally appeared first on Active Vegetarian.

  • #85 Blake Ward: The Healthiest Clothes on the Planet


    Zuz and I recently had the pleasure of connecting with Blake Ward – the founder of seed. Seed is known for it’s incredibly unique and versatile pant. Transforming the industry – by making the best clothing on the planet locally, naturally and ethically right next door to us in Alberta, Canada.  You will not only… The post #85 Blake Ward: The Healthiest Clothes on the Planet appeared first on Active Vegetarian.

  • #84 The Power of Intuition: How to Connect with Your True Self


      The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift. ~ Albert Einstein Understanding what intuition is and learning to use as a part of our lives can be very powerful!  We all have a natural capacity… Source The post #84 The Power of Intuition: How to Connect with Your True Self appeared first on Active Vegetarian.

  • #83 Coronavirus, Cancer and Building Resilient Health


    Hello friends, thank you for joining us for this episode of the Active Vegetarian Show, it’s nice to have you here with us. In this episode, we share our thoughts on the global Coronavirus pandemic, the increase rate of cancer cases and ways you can build resilient health. Arm yourself and your family with the… Source The post #83 Coronavirus, Cancer and Building Resilient Health appeared first on Active Vegetarian.

  • #82: Healthy & Easy Plant-Based Food Swaps


    We are loving the fact that veganism has finally gone mainstream!  We began our plant-based journey back in 1996 when the word “vegan” was mostly idolized by hippies and animal activists. Fast forward to 2020, and with more than 57 million #vegan posts on Instagram, it’s safe to say that this lifestyle is no longer… Source The post #82: Healthy & Easy Plant-Based Food Swaps appeared first on Active Vegetarian.

  • AV 081 – How To Break Free From Diets & Build A Healthy A Relationship With Food


    I had the honours of sitting down with Cara Carin Cifelli and we talked about how we can take a holistic approach to our wellbeing. All of us humans are gifted with “four bodies” the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. However, our society disproportionately focuses on the physical body – size, appearance, and what… Source

  • AV 080 – What are your thoughts on the plant-based keto diet?


    In this episode, we are going to answer a question that keeps coming our way on a regular basis these days – What are your thoughts on the plant-based keto diet? The ketogenic diet has become one of the most popular diet approaches in recent years, with everyone from celebrities to fitness gurus claiming that… Source

  • AV 079 – The Game Changers Movie Review


    Hello Friend!  Thanks for checking out our latest podcast episode.  In this episode of the AV Show, Nikki and Zuzana give their opinion on the latest plant-based film The Game Changers. Without going into too much detail and giving the film away Nikki & Zuzana discuss the storyline of Game Changers, parts that they really… Source

  • AV 078 – Best Plant-Based Protein Sources, Meat Substitutes and Protein Powders


    LISTEN HERE | WATCH HERE   Hello and thank you for tuning in!  In this episode of the AV Show we are going to answer some of the common questions we receive about protein in a plant-based diet. You will learn how easy it could be for a plant-based eater to meet recommendations for protein, […] Source

  • AV 077 – Self-Care: 10 Simple Ways To Take Better Care Of Yourself


    Self-Care has become a trend and buzzword lately – which is great! We are happy more people are becoming aware of the value in attending to their personal needs! However, maybe you hear (or read) the word self-care and think “I WISH!”, the idea of a bath, a spa day or just curling up with… Source

  • Anemia: A Plant-Based Approach To Iron Deficiency


    As health coaches, we often talk with people and even see clients, who struggle with iron-deficiency anemia after adopting a plant-based diet. It’s common to hear people describe just how much better they felt eating this way until the issue of anemia arose, and they were ‘forced’ to return to eating meat and or taking… Source

  • AV 075 – Ten Ways to Stick To Your Plant-Based Diet In a Meat-Eating Household


    Today we are going to tackle a question that comes up time and time again on this blog, when we speak at events, hold classes, workshops, in our Facebook community, and among our AV Coaching members. “What can I do when my family refuses to eat plant-based? I can barely prep & cook one meal… Source

  • AV 074 – Are You Addicted to Sugar and Junk Food? Eight simple ways to overcome sugar cravings and replace unhealthy processed carbs with nourishing plant-based foods


    This is a common struggle and in fact, most vegans, as well as vegetarians, are actually more “pastatarians” or “carbotarians.” They replace meat, seafood, and dairy products with bread, starches, processed carbohydrates and meat-substitutes, all of which are high in sugar and very acidic.  We promise to give you practical advice on how to break… Source

  • AV 073 – How To Smoothly Transition To A Healthy Plant-Based Lifestyle


    “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”  – Hippocrates So much has happened in recent years to expand the plant-based movement, and for Nikki and I, it has been very exciting to watch things unfold. An article by Food Revolution pointed out that the number of vegans in the U.S. has increased… Source

  • AV 072- How To Stop Overeating and Binge Eating and Stick to the Food Plan of Your Choice with Glenn Livingston Ph.D.


    Glenn Livingston from is on the show today, and he will share with us secrets for gaining the power to permanently overcome unhealthy food behaviours. Both his professional and personal journey is quite interesting and also inspiring. As a trained psychologist Dr Livingston was disillusioned by the way traditional psychology deals with overweight and/or food obsessed individuals.… Source

  • AV 071 – a fit moms life: how to stay motivated before, during and after pregnancy


    This episode is a little different than normal. I had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with Michelle Roots, A personal trainer, business owner and new mom from here in Vancouver BC. As a trainer, Michelle understands the importance of staying healthy and active, she talks about how she balances it all. She gives… Source

  • AV 070 – Easy Plant Based Meal Planning 


    Let’s face it. Life gets busy and cooking at home can be tough. Meal planning takes work. But those who’ve mastered it know it’s the key to saving money, eating healthier and feeling their best. To help you get started, we will break down steps to create a customizable healthy plant based meal plan you… Source

  • Practical Tips to Declutter your home – one room at a time


    Did you know your home is like a mirror reflecting your emotional state? Yep, you read it right – and clutter is a sure telltale sign of inner struggle. Where am I going with this? Why do we create clutter? Often it’s in an attempt to try to fill some void inside us. So how… Source

  • AV 068 – What’s in Your Water – Is Tap Water Safe to Drink? Water Filters & Bottled Water, Explained …


    Anyone who is interested in being healthy understands that good nutrition is super important. Many of us also know that in order to prevent disease, to be in great physical shape and perform at high levels we need to feed our body with a variety of clean wholesome foods, preferably plant-based.  But what about the… Source

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