My Kick-Ass Dream Life is a live talk show about claiming, creating and owning a life that feels 100% authentic and kick-ass.

During each show we get down to the nitty-gritty of breaking free from your pre-packaged life to create a life full of meaning, success and juicy goodness.
During each show we discuss our personal journeys to living a kick-ass life, and
share tips and insights that we have learned along the way.


  • Freak Flag Profile- Erika Lyremark- The Daily Whip

    15/11/2011 Duración: 34min
  • You Can’t Afford to Stay Invisible!

    31/10/2011 Duración: 01h03min
  • Ignite your Spark and Set your Soul on Fire

    27/07/2011 Duración: 01h04min
  • Weird, Spiritual and Totally Booked

    11/07/2011 Duración: 01h01min
  • Coming to Our Senses

    20/06/2011 Duración: 01h00s
  • Joe Heuer- The Rock & Roll Guru-A Study in Kick-Ass Creation

    23/05/2011 Duración: 45min
  • The Wayseer's Movement

    09/05/2011 Duración: 01h02min
  • Human Design- A Personal Blueprint for Life

    25/04/2011 Duración: 01h06min
  • The Freak Factor- Discovering Uniqueness by Flaunting Weakness

    11/04/2011 Duración: 01h01min
  • How to Embrace your Psychic Ability with Lisa the Punk Rock Psychic

    06/04/2011 Duración: 54min
  • How to Have a Kick-Ass Job Series - Bringing it in

    28/03/2011 Duración: 46min
  • How to Have a Kick-Ass Job Series - What prevents you from having the ideal work situation?

    21/03/2011 Duración: 42min
  • How to Have a Kick-Ass Job Series - Claiming it!

    07/03/2011 Duración: 43min
  • What About Sex? (Bringing it in)

    21/02/2011 Duración: 38min
  • What About Sex? ( What Really Turns You On?)

    14/02/2011 Duración: 44min
  • What About Sex? (What Blocks You? )

    07/02/2011 Duración: 47min
  • What About Sex? ( Claim It!)

    31/01/2011 Duración: 40min
  • Unleashing the Wild, Amazing, and Beautiful You: Amplify it!

    24/01/2011 Duración: 46min
  • Unleashing the Wild, Amazing, and Beautiful You: What blocks you?

    10/01/2011 Duración: 43min
  • Unleashing the Wild, Amazing, and Beautiful You- Start looking for your own unique beauty.

    03/01/2011 Duración: 43min
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