The weekly sermons by John Blythe at Dayspring Baptist Churchs college & career ministry service.


  • Junk Drawer: End Times QA

    Junk Drawer: End Times Q&A


    This is the question and answer section of the End Times sermon by John Blythe. It is not a long Q&A time, but some good questions were asked.

  • Junk Drawer: Worship

    Junk Drawer: Worship


    John ends the Junk Drawer series on the topic of Worship since this is the last thing we will be doing. We will be worshipping God for eternity.There is no Q&A session for this sermon.

  • The Fullness of Time

    The Fullness of Time


    The sermon before Christmas by John Blythe entitled The Fullness of Time.

  • Faith in Hebrews

    Faith in Hebrews


    This is a sermon by Joseph Gibbons, worship leader for the college ministry. He was a guest speaker for January 11, 2009.The video podcast of this sermon will be put up later on another feed.

  • Faith and the Fig Tree

    Faith and the Fig Tree


    This sermon is on the story of Jesus cursing the fig tree. This sermon is by Andrew Williams, a member of Dayspring College Ministry and in charge of production. This sermon was on January 18, 2009.

  • An Exiles Guide: Week 1

    An Exile's Guide: Week 1


    This is the first sermon of a series through 1 Peter by John Blythe. The scripture is: 1 Peter 1:1-2.

  • Theology Theatre: The Prestige

    Theology Theatre: The Prestige


    This month we watched The Prestige, starring Christian Bale. Daniel presented a message after the movie applying it to our lives. If you missed it, watch the movie and then listen to this quick message!

  • 1 Peter: An Exiles Guide Week 2

    1 Peter: An Exile's Guide Week 2


    The second week of the sermon series, by John Blythe, in 1 Peter.The verses are:1 Peter 1:3-5

  • 1 Peter: An Exiles Guide Week 3

    1 Peter: An Exile's Guide Week 3


    This sermon is the third week of the series on 1 Peter and An Exile's Guide. The scripture for this week is 1 Peter 1:6-9.Enjoy!

  • 1 Peter: An Exiles Guide Week 4

    1 Peter: An Exile's Guide Week 4


    The fourth sermon in the series entitled 1 Peter: An Exile's Guide by John Blythe. The end was cut off because of time so not all of the sermon is here. The vodcast will have it and if we can, we will try to fix this audio feed. We should have the vodcast up this week.

  • 1 Peter: An Exiles Guide Week 6

    1 Peter: An Exile's Guide Week 6


    The sixth sermon in the series "1 Peter: An Exile's Guide to Joy" by John Blythe at Dayspring College Ministry. Enjoy.

  • Theology Theatre: August Rush

    Theology Theatre: August Rush


    This Theology Theatre, March '09, presented August Rush. If you haven't seen the movie, go watch it. Then, listen to Daniel New's connection for it. Enjoy.

  • Junk Drawer: End Times

    Junk Drawer: End Times


    This sermon is part of the Junk Drawer series and is on the end times.

  • Theology Theatre: Elf

    Theology Theatre: Elf


    Theology Theatre is an event we do where we come together, fellowship, and watch a movie. After the movie, Daniel New discusses the movie and how it can be tied to Scripture. This is a monthly event.This month we watched the movie: Elf, starring Will Farrell.Watch the movie yourself and enjoy Daniel's message after you watch it!

  • Junk Drawer: Spiritual Warfare QA

    Junk Drawer: Spiritual Warfare Q&A


    This is the question and answer portion of the Spiritual Warfare sermon by John Blythe.

  • Junk Drawer: Spiritual Warfare

    Junk Drawer: Spiritual Warfare


    This sermon is on spiritual warfare and a part of the Junk Drawer series by John Blythe.

  • November 25th Student Ministry QA with John

    November 25th Student Ministry Q&A with John


    John answers a wide variety of questions by middle and high school students on November 25th, a tuesday night service before thanksgiving. The format was done via text messaging, similar to the Q&A sessions John does for the college ministry.