Podcast from Friday evenings at the vine.


  • Untouchables: Jesus Doesnt Hate You

    Untouchables: Jesus Doesn't Hate You


    In this lesson, given on April 19, 2013, we talk about homosexuality (used broadly to cover all of LGBT), what the Bible says about it, and what it means for how we act and love others.

  • Untouchables: Depression and Suicide

    Untouchables: Depression and Suicide


    In this lesson from our series "Untouchables", we cover the difficult topics of depression and suicide. The story in the introduction comes from a book called "Serving as Senders". A video was also used at the end of the message, which can be found here:  Message given on 4-12-14.

  • Untouchables: Identity

    Untouchables: Identity


    In this week's message, we examine Identity issues such as eating disorders and cutting briefly, then focus on what the Bible tells us about our identity in Jesus.  Message delivered 4-5-2013.

  • Untouchables: Introduction

    Untouchables: Introduction


    In this lesson, we introduce our series on hard topics called "Untouchables" and examine how Jesus treats "insiders" and "outsiders".  Recorded 3-22-13.