Weekly sermon podcast from Dayspring Church, Castle Hill, Australia.


  • Hearing God When Life Gets Loud

    Hearing God When Life Gets Loud


    In week 11 of our series "The Way of Jesus", Ps Russell brings a word on how the grace practices help us in learning to listen and discern the will of God in our lives.

  • Transformed by His Word

    Transformed by His Word


    In week 10 of our "The Way of Jesus" series Ps Aaron looks at the practice of study. The disciples said to Jesus, "where else would we go, You have the words of life". The word of God is life giving and life transforming. This week we are looking at the importance of the Word of God in our lives, how we are to approach it, some of the challenges we have when it comes to understanding it and applying it, but also the power that lies within it to bring life and transformation.

  • A Life of Simplicity

    A Life of Simplicity


    Ps Adam speaks on the power of simplicity. Jesus instructs us to "seek first the kingdom and His righteousness", letting us in on the power of living a focused life. Simplicity is key to living our lives as followers of Jesus.

  • Doing Life With Others

    Doing Life With Others


    Pastors Kristen and Bec dig into week 8 of our series "The Way of Jesus" teaching into the power of fellowship. As we look into how Jesus lived His life we see clearly the importance and the power of doing life in fellowship with others. As with all the "grace practices" this is something we have to be intentional about and Kristen and Bec give us some great keys on how to do just that.

  • Unlocking the Power of Joy

    Unlocking the Power of Joy


    In week 7 of our "The Way of Jesus" series we look at the grace practice of "Celebration". Jesus' whole life and ministry was framed by celebration & joy and we see this all throughout the gospels. Jesus also promises His disciples that they have access to His joy so that our joy may be full. But how do we access this joy and allow it to bring strength into our lives? That's what the practice of celebration is all about.

  • The Practice of Generosity

    The Practice of Generosity


    Ps Adam continues with week 5 of our series "The Way of Jesus". This week we are looking at the practice of generosity. We look at the generous nature of our Father and how we as His sons & daughters are called to be generous just like Him.

  • The Practice of Worship

    The Practice of Worship


    This week Ps Russell Bradley speaks into "The Way of Jesus" looking at the practice of worship in our lives and how it forms us into the image of Christ.

  • Learning to Listen

    Learning to Listen


    Ps Aaron continues with week 4 of our series "The Way of Jesus". This week we are looking at the practice of listening. We look at the importance of listening in the life of disciple but also what it actually means to listen and how we go about tuning into the voice of God in our lives.

  • The Practice of Prayer

    The Practice of Prayer


    Ps Aaron continues our series on "The Way of Jesus" looking at the practice of prayer. The call of every disciple is not just to pray but to become the prayers we pray. Prayer frees us from self-sufficiency and connects us to the heart of the Father and to His mission to bring the rule & reign of heaven here on earth.

  • Silence  Solitude

    Silence & Solitude


    Continuing with our series on The Way of Jesus we take a look at our first "grace practice" of Silence and Solitude. With the noise of the world around us only increasing this counter-cultural practice helps us to resist the noise and stay connected and present to God, ourselves and the world around us.

  • Train Toward Godliness

    Train Toward Godliness


    Our senior Leaders Aaron & Kristen kick off our new series "The Way of Jesus" reminding us all of the need for us to remain engaged & authentic as we grow into the image of Christ and live the life of resilient disciples.

  • The Light of the World

    The Light of the World


    Ps Russell encourages us on the importance of living as light, letting the light of Christ within us shine for all to see.

  • The Holy Spirit

    The Holy Spirit


    Ps Adam shares a timely message about the role of the Holy Spirit our need to be led by Him in our daily lives.

  • So You Want To Change The World?

    So You Want To Change The World?


    Ps Aaron closes out our series on The Way of the Kingdom looking at we are followers of Christ are to bring change into the world around us by loving with a cross-shaped love.

  • The Triumph of Mercy

    The Triumph of Mercy


    Ps Aaron continues our series on The Way of the Kingdom looking at how mercy looks past the issue, extends undeserved and unexpected love and triumphs over judgment to bring freedom, salvation and deliverance on earth as it is in heaven.

  • Costly Love

    Costly Love


    We continue our series on "The Way of the Kingdom" with Ps Russell digging into the story of the good samaritan where we learn the kingdom way of costly love.

  • Cross Shaped Love

    Cross Shaped Love


    Ps Aaron kicks off our new series "The Way of the Kingdom", looking at the primary way the kingdom of God is encountered and released here on earth as it is in heaven.

  • Fan Into Flame

    Fan Into Flame


    Ps Aaron continues to speak into what we sense God is doing in us and through us during this time. 2 Timothy 1:6 Paul reminds Timothy of the need to "fan into flame" the gift of God in his life. We too need to fan into flame that gift of God that has been imparted into our lives.

  • God of the Mondayne

    God of the Mondayne


    Ps Bec Debenham brings a timely and practical word on how we can encounter God in the mundane moments of our every day. Are we expecting God to speak to us and meet us right where we are at? How can we tune our hearts towards hearing Him speak through everyday moments?

  • Understanding The Moment

    Understanding The Moment


    Ps Aaron speaks prophetically into what he sees God doing in this moment and what He is asking us to do. Across the world God is working to release His will, His Kingdom, on earth as it is heaven. This message will help us to understand what the part that God is asking us to play.

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