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Home of the Nerd On! podcast and other things that my come up in the future. Zack and Vella on the Nerd On! Podcast. Also, will include Vella and Rich in the League of Legends podcast soon. Just some regular people chatting about the things they love. Join us for the fun!


  • Nerd On! Episode 2: Meet your (Mario) Maker.

    28/09/2015 Duración: 01h46min

    Welcome to Episode 2! Your hosts Zack and Vella are joined by special Wii U correspondent Jeffery "Booch" Boucher. We talk all about Super Mario Maker. We also discuss the golden age of video games, and one such treasure that is LJN's Back to the Future. Plus news and more awesome stuff. Come and Get your Nerd On. Or get ready to meet your Mario Maker.