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How can you achieve more success in life? Watch!Join Leo's FB fans: http://FB.com/AudioleoMP3/summary of this episode: http://tmblr.co______Tweet Leo: https://twitter.com/LeonardoMendoz_Get Leo's 2 books free: http://27SuccessBeliefs.com and http://7FatlossHabits.comInstagram awesomeness: http://instagram.com/leonardomendoza_--------------------ABOUT LEONARDO MENDOZA--------------------Leonardo Mendoza is one of the most widely followed public speakers and writers of his generation. He is an author whose books include The 27 Success Beliefs and the 7 Fatloss Habits. He is the founder of http://www.iRiseStore.com, the legendary personal development clothing brand, and http://www.VeganHat.com, the hat positioned as the #1 brand for Vegan Living. For these works, Leo is named "one of the top inspirational speakers and writers in the world."After almost taking his life at 27, he was inspired to turn his life around and build his dreams. Leo has dedicated his life to helping others through public speaking/writing, wedding videography, vegan living, and sing/songwriting. Meet Leo at http://www.AudioLeo.com--------------------ABOUT THE 27 SUCCESS BELIEFS--------------------The 27 Success Beliefs is a weekly self-improvement show full of #inspiration, #strategies, and #advice with inspirational speaker and writer Leonardo Mendoza. Filmed in one take, without any notes or prompter, the show has become one of the most viewed direct-to-camera personal growth video series in the history of Youtube. It's also been the #1 Podcast in all of iTunes and is regularly in the top podcasts in Self-Help and Health categories around the globe. Subscribe to the free motivational podcast here: https://itun.es_________The 27 Success Beliefs Blog on Tumblr: http://AudioLeo.tumblr.com--------------------SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE--------------------Never miss a video, and join the Youtube community living the 27 Success Beliefs: https://www.youtube.com/channel/AudioLeo



    12/11/2014 Duración: 10min

    How can you achieve more success in life? Watch! Join Leo's FB fans: http://FB.com/Audioleo MP3/summary of this episode: http://tmblr.co______ Tweet Leo: https://twitter.com/LeonardoMendoz_ Get Leo's 2 books free: http://27SuccessBeliefs.com and http://7FatlossHabits.com Instagram awesomeness: http://instagram.com/leonardomendoza_ In this episode of The 27 Success Beliefs, public speaker and and writer Leonardo Mendoza discusses the power of visualization to have more success in life. This is Leonardo Mendoza's public speaking, recorded in one raw take without notes. Post your questions for him below, and he might do an episode answering your question. -------------------- SUMMARY: -------------------- Success is not something you earn it’s something you see. More success in life is the result of visualization and applying action behind that vision in all you do. Here’s how to have more success: 1. Tell yourself, “Visualization changes my life and the lives of others." The more you see exactly what you