Hey Guys and Gals,ClearConscious here from, a US owned PlayStation 3 website. Check out our podcast for all things PlayStation related. Don't forget to check out


  • Opening the Vault: Episode 1 (Podcast 3)

    Opening the Vault: Episode 1 (Podcast 3)

    13/05/2010 Duración: 43min

    Hey Guys, ClearConscious here from, an American based PlayStation 3 website. In this episode we talk about E3 2010 and predict what we may see from Sony. We also talk about the month of May, it's a huge month of gaming with Red Dead Redemption, Alan Wake, and 3D Dot Game Heroes coming out, just to name a few. Enjoy the episode, and as always don't forget to check out for the latest PS3 news and reviews. Thanks for listening!