Sc2gg Podcast



Moletrap, Diggity, and the rest of the SC2GG staff sound off on the professional Starcraft scene.


  • Episode Seven - SC2GG Podcast


    Episode Seven - SC2GG Podcast: Diggity, Cholera, FrozenPulse, Peanut, PsyonicReaver, Louder, Rainman, and Maareek get you up to speed on the professional Starcraft scene. Includes Louder’s take on WCG 2008. Released September 9, 2008.

  • Episode Six - SC2GG Podcast


    Episode Six - SC2GG Podcast: The SC2GG crew go over OSL, MSL, and Proleague action as all three of these leagues approach their finales. Topics include: Starcraft as a mental game, map balance in the Proleague, and “burning out”. Released July 4, 2008.

  • Episode Five - SC2GG Podcast


    Episode Five - SC2GG Podcast: JWD and KnightOfNi discuss the upcoming week’s smorgasbord of exciting Proleague matchups. Released June 21, 2008.

  • Episode Four - SC2GG Podcast


    Episode Four - SC2GG Podcast: Moletrap, Diggity, PsyonicReaver, and MrBitter kick it in a massive update on the OSL and MSL. Topics include Much “out-pimping” free, BackHo’s chances, and whether it was Luxury or Troy that felled the mighty Flash. Released June 16, 2008.

  • Episode Three - SC2GG Podcast


    Episode Three - SC2GG Podcast: RainmanMP and JWD cover SK Telecom T1’s progress in the 2008 Shinhan Bank Proleague. Released June 7, 2008.

  • Episode Two - SC2GG Podcast


    Episode Two - SC2GG Podcast: Moletrap and Diggity on the Proleague, MSL, and OSL. Released May 26, 2008.