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Welcome to Rum Heroes podcasting. Some of our content is intended for mature audiences. Please be advised that we are the HBO late nite comedy hour, if your looking for sitcoms. All our shows are done monthly and bi monthly and will host their own page list on the right.


  • Rumheroes episode alpha official


    Technical difficulties solved by The Suz!Here is a link to the show.. >> Click Here Below is also the direct feed to Rumheroes Episode Alpha OfficialAs discussed in the show, and in no particular order, the Sourcefed Links:1) the Kotaku Story: Little Girl Who Just Found Porn On Her Brother’s DSPLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEASE , Write us! Let us AND others hear from YOU in the comments below, or write us at Also LIKE us on Facebook.And, as always (NOT a sponsor), but a great friend to the show, Command Channel, great mumble services, at low prices.Like us, share us, put us on your Facebook, put us on your face and take a picture!! Thanks for listening. Background music is:THE S1ND1CATE, Twenty-one grams 

  • Rumheroes Episode 1


    Chuck's Wife Agrees to sit in on his shows till hge finds a host .Walking dead , dead island , and little people?All in this weeks episode of Rumheroes