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A podcast for those who just want to make their DM suffer.


  • Episode 3: Of Metagamers and Men


    Hello all!  Sorry to take so long getting this to you, but vacations and other things got in the way (a lot).  We’ve had this recorded for WAY too long, but hopefully we’ll finally be able to stabilize with a release schedule once school hits (or we’ll get even worse, who knows). Point is, we’re... Read more.

  • Banish DM Podcast Episode 2


    Hey all! First of all, we would like to apologize for this second episode’s lateness.  It’s taken us a month and a half to get this episode up, which is ridiculous, and we’re sorry.  It’s been recorded for a month, but we needed to edit it and find time to record the new intro, which,... Read more.

  • Episode 1: Quick and Dirty, Choo-choo’s, and Story Time


    Hello All! We are Banish DM, the role-playing and gaming podcast.  We’ll be posting our podcasts here when we make them.  This week’s episode deals with Quick and Dirty Rulesets (games that can be run with minimum prep time) and the concept of Railroading.  Also, please note that the outro has a minor error which... Read more.