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The Saga of Ryzom is a great game. NOt just that, but it is a great community and great way to kill hours at a time. Heres some thoughts from the worlds cutest Tryker!


  • The Ryzom Podcast 15!


    Download it HERE!We're back after a week off, and what a week it has been!First off, me and the wife have been moving into a new home slowly so we have been way too busy to play or record for any significant amount of time. I did finally find an hour to record with Sam though, but when I caught him it was about 1 AM Germany time!In this 'cast I give a basic rundown of the "Stranger" event that happened on the Arispotle server recently, I also get an interview with everyone's favorite PvP'er (and lord of Atys and all sorts of other titles) SunCe! He's frank, and forgets to watch his cursewords, so cover your ears or ask your kids to leave the room.Another lovely segment from Jenna, and some fun allergy-ridden conversation with Sam!It's so good to be back! I missed all of you! Well, except you.BeauLinks of the Show:Go check out my video from the first part of the Festival of the Light HERE...and the second part HEREThe Screenshot me and Sam chat about: HEREA song me and Sam are talking about: HERESome cool scr