Truth Encounter: Countering The Spirit Of Antichrist



As events continue to heat up in the Middle East, the hunger for predictions intensifies, yet we can overlook the obvious. The Spirit of Christ and the antichrist are already locked in a to-the-death struggle. This spirit continues its war of total destruction. How can we counter this anti-supernatural, secular spirit of power? This series can help us conquer this deadly force in our own lives with biblical answers.


  • Countering the Spirit of Power (Daniel 11:38)


    Since the first mushroom cloud of World War II, the world has seen an explosion in the technology of death. We hold cruise missiles and mass destruction at the pressure of a fingertip. What happens to a people when they greet each other with "May the Force be with you!"? Learn how to counter this pervasive spirit of power.

  • Countering the Spirit of Despair (2 Thessalonians 2:4, I John 4:3)


    If there is no God, where is the love, where is the standard of right and wrong, and where is the hope? Materialistic atheism deflates human existence into a sagging sack of dying molecules. The biblical Christ promises to transform human existence into an eternal heavenly existence through the power of His cross and the empty tomb. And we have to decide who we will choose to believe.

  • Countering the Spirit of Atheism (Daniel 11:36-37)


    This week we are beginning a new miniseries entitled, Countering the Spirit of Antichrist, and as time hurdles forward the predictions mushroom. Who is 666? The Spirit of Antichrist is definitely already here. Every day millions exclude Christ from their daily routine. Millions live for power and prestige. What can we do to counter this spirit of atheism, this spirit of power?