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  • The Prayer of Faith


    In 5:13 of James, he asks the question, are any among you suffering? I think we can all answer yes to that question! Today we looked at what it means to pray the prayer of faith and what that has to do with both suffering and sin.

  • Reactions To Jesus


    On the first Palm Sunday there were 4 different reactions to Jesus as he entered Jerusalem. In this message we take a look at them and see if we can see the same reactions to Jesus from us today.

  • The Deceitfulness Of Sin


    Sin is many things. It is often ugly, dark, corrosive or wicked. But did you know it is also a lier? Sin will always lie to us if we let it. Today we look at 3 of the biggest lies sin tells us and how to overcome the deceitfulness of sin.

  • Service


    When asked who was the greatest by His disciples, Jesus took some water and a cloth and washed their feet. He did this to illustrate to them that the greatest in God's kingdom is the one who serves. As followers of Jesus we should live a life of service, that was after all the kind of life our Lord lived.

  • Submission


    Christianity isn't something we add to our lives, it is an explosion that destroys everything we believe. By the power Holy Spirit, it then rebuilds us from the ground up. We can not be remade in the likeness of Christ, until we are completely undone. This undoing begins with the discipline of submission.

  • Sufficency


    Following hard after God means living a life where Jesus is enough. When we are riding high or if we have been brought low, Jesus is all we will ever need.

  • Studying God's Word


    Do you know God? Do you study His word? How can we say we know God if the don't spend time in His word?

  • Fasting


    Fasting is a significant tool in our pursuit of God. Why then do we not do it? Part of the reason is that we don't understand it or why we should do it. The other reason is that we are a little afraid to try it.

  • Meditation


    Today we get the first tool we can use in our pursuit of God. Tools are things we can use, not rules we have to follow. Jesus came to set us free from rules, but not free from following God.

  • God Started It


    Today we started a series looking at how to pursue God. To begin with we look at the question why. Why should e pursue with everything we have? Becuase HE first pursued us!

  • Do All Paths Lead To Jesus?


    Today we use the truth found in scripture to answer the question, do all paths lead to Jesus.

  • God The Comforter


    The world can be a dark and dangerous place. Can there be any comfort in such a place?

  • The God of Piety


    God wants us to pursue Him and Holiness. That makes Him a God of Piety. The only thing standing in our way is sin.

  • The God of Purpose


    God is a God of Purpose. He has a pupose of everything that happens. Even a Purpose for our suffering.

  • The God of Provision


    God Provides for His people. He Provides in three ways, physically, spiritually and eternally.

  • The God of Promise


    God is a God of promises. When He makes a promise He is it not only trustworthy but He is powerful enough to fulfill it and faithful enough to complete it.

  • Filled with Grace and Power


    Stephen was a man Luke calls "Full of grace and power". Do we want be men and women that are full of grace and power? If so, it will take two specific things.

  • Overcoming Conflict


    For every conflict there is always a Reason, a Rivalry, a Response and a Result. In a conflict between Christians, the Result should always glorify God.

  • 5 Keys to Effective Evangelism: Productivity


    When we put the other 4 keys together, Purity, Power, Persecution and Persistence, we are left with only one out come. That is to be productive. If we don't produce for Jesus, what good are we to Him?

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