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  • East of Eden (Audio)


    In Genesis 3:20-24 we see that God is both active in removing sin from His good creation and in providing a way back to Himself from our exile. Come home. Return from exile.

  • The Peace of God (Audio)


    A walk-through of Philippians 4:4-9, where the apostle Paul exhorts us to rejoice, to not be anxious, to be people of prayer, to be filled with thanksgiving, to think on beautiful ideas, and, in the practice of all these things, to know God's peace.

  • Goodness and Severity (Audio)


    God's world is beautifully broken and this is evidence of both His holiness and His holy love.

  • Judgment and Promise (Audio)


    A great drama begins in Genesis 3:14-15. Satan’s interference in the relationship between God and his people brings brutal consequences, and unimaginable hope.

  • The Confrontation (Audio)


    There is no hiding from God. We are laid bare before the eyes of our creator. This is good news for the righteous, and bad new for everyone, and everything else

  • The Fall (Audio)


    God is good. Satan is a murderer and a liar. He hates God and he hates you. He wants to destroy your life. Know and trust God's word.

  • Two Becoming One for the Glory of God (Audio)


    Marriage is God's good gift to humanty, but it is not ultimate. The two become one for the glory of God and showcase to the world the covenant-keeping love of God in Christ.

  • Creation Redux (Audio)


    God established man in a fertile world and gave him everything he needed to thrive, to work, and to worship. There was an intentionality in the creation of humankind that eclipsed all other aspects of his creation.

  • A Holy Rest (Audio)


    The Sabbath is a gift to humankind--and to God's creation. We await the great Sabbath rest that God has promised to his people.

  • A Cultural Mandate (Audio)


    God has given us all we need to survive and flourish. We are called to push the boundaries of his kingdom outward, and to minister in his name and for his glory.

  • Six Days (Audio)


    The universe, our world, and our lives begin with God. We owe our existence to God the Father through God the Son via God the Spirit, who created all things and gave them purpose and order.

  • In The Beginning (Audio)


    We owe our existence, and thus, our submission, to God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, who created all things. We can believe confidently that all we see and know is by design.

  • Those Who Are Mature (Audio)


    None of us have arrived. We are all wrong about some things and have much to learn. The past is behind us; Christ calls us onward, and mature believers know this and press on to greater maturity without leaving others drowning in our wake

  • What Child Is This? (Audio)


    Luke's account of the birth of Jesus presents a sharp contrast between Caesar Augustus and the TRUE Savior of the world, gives through the shepherds an example of the type of people that Jesus came to save, and demonstrates through their response...

  • Nunc Dimittis - The Final Words of a Departing Servant (Audio)


    The coming of Christ, who brings division to the earth, fulfills the promises of God and leads to the praises of God’s people

  • Behold, I Have Come (Audio)


    The Psalms are the songbook of Israel, and the songs of Jesus the Messiah. God made a body for Jesus, and in the body he came to do the will of his Father. God's deliverance came through Jesus, and has not been hidden from us. Let us speak...

  • The Majesty of Messiah (Audio)


    The Messiah who would come would be the perfect Man. God’s majesty is displayed in his creation; in the pinnacle of his creation (humankind). Ultimately, his majesty is displayed in his Son, Jesus Christ.

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