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  • Episode 23: Roads Were Raced, Gravel Got Grinded


    I know, right?! Never thought you'd see this day. In this episode Andrew and Scott discuss the 2015 road racing season and recount the recent Inspiration 100, Scott's very first gravel race.

  • TVC65 S3 E16 – Willierm is the Worst


    Hello, the listeners audience. You are in for a treat. A podcast treat full of wonders and delight. This week’s episode is brought to you by The Humangelous Entertainment Hour of Programming, which is coincidentally the show that is being … Continue reading →

  • Tauren Think Tank #162 - Acceptance and Respect


    It’s the week of relationship and family dilemmas on this episode of TTT! Our discussion question: Is it wrong of me to be upset that my husband shares half-naked pictures of female celebrities with his friend on a regular basis? It makes me really uncomfortable but that hasn’t stopped him. Our Think Tank question: I am a gay high school student, but I haven’t revealed my secret to anyone, not even my family. I don’t think my parents will accept me for who I am. Should I come out to them? Be a part of the show by sending your Tell Us One Thing questions, feedback, and requests for advice to Slash Moo, everybody! Website: Patreon site: Twitter: @TaurenThinkTank Facebook:

  • Episode 177: H.4 - Stab Club


    The party explores deeper into the lizardman settlement and comes across an activity that is either justic or a cultural exchange program.

  • Episode #110- Sandy Bottom


    In the News: Muppets Debut I’ll be there for….aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!! Ash vs Evil Dead They’re Bringing it Back Up Peanuts trailer MIB Reboot Star Watch 360 Degree Star Wars Uh oh I feel a disturbance… Star Wars Frozen Parody - Let it Flow Play with Me Oh Ryan…. Dr. Who 50th Anniversary Figure Set

  • #195 - Convert to Raid: BLIZZCON Coming Soon™


    This week, Mick Montgomery (StormCast, The Starting Zone) and Tovo (2 Minute Tips) are back on the CtR crew! We have more information about the split between the raiders of Method and the new guild Serenity from a Manaflask interview this week. While there are no reports of personal drama, team focus and leadership have been discussed by both sides. The guys will give you the details inside! Blizzcon is only 6 weeks away! It’s time to check out what we’ll be getting with our Blizzcon tickets and virtual tickets this year. And why is it that World of Warcraft always gives out the best stuff? Plus, Archimonde changes help teams of all sizes, our Leading the Raid segment looks at guild hopping, plus a listener question on the upcoming class changes for Legion. In the Battlenet News, Diablo’s latest season starts to wane, and we’ll have a bit of a recap on the NA Qualifiers for Heroes of the Storm in Vegas and more!

  • Tauren Think Tank #161 - Bucket of Sayings


    It’s all about new mounts and e-sports excitement on this latest episode! Our discussion question: Part 1: Jules gives an update on her decision to reply to the two people from her past. Part 2: It’s my 3-year anniversary and I want to make it extra special for my girlfriend. Do you have any ideas on gifts from the heart?  Our Think Tank question: I’ve been planning to go to BlizzCon all year. My trip is paid for, but all the money I saved for food and incidentals has been used up by unexpected car repairs. What should I do?  Be a part of the show by sending your Tell Us One Thing questions, feedback, and requests for advice to Slash Moo, everybody!   Website: Patreon site: Twitter: @TaurenThinkTank Facebook:  

  • Episode #109-Ryan's Balls Remix


    In the News: Super Mario is 30 GIJoe is also turning 30 Liquid Television is online I want to party here! Ok well maybe not Raise your mixtapes for Gary Richrath Indiana Jones-themed bar opens in Downtown Disney: The Live Action Jungle Book trailer is here: They’re Bringing it Back Up Nickelodeon Just made nerds squee Could Creed be...good?

  • Episode 176: H.4 - The Deity of Ill Considered Actions


    Karull and Zanatari head into a nearby lizardman settlement to dispose of a corpse and to get some spices. In some ways they are closer to home than they think.

  • #194 - Convert to Raid: Method Shake Up!


    This week, returning friends Gizmozord (Lords of the Storm Podcast) and Sharku join the CtR crew! Top World of Warcraft raiding guild Method saw some roster changes this week as players left to form a new guild, Serenity. Midwinter also lost a couple of their top players to the new guild as well, including their main tank (and friend of the show) Slootbag. What does this mean for the top raiding scene for Legion, and do these moves say anything about the raiding in Warlords of Draenor or WoW in general? The guys discuss it inside. Also, released their Gamescom interview with Ion Hazzikostas and Tom Chilton, and it brought up several interesting questions for our panel. Should expansions be serialized or self-contained (or as raiders, do we care)? Does the progression path look interesting and fun for Legion? And has Blizzard been successful in making the most of their worlds? In the Battlenet News, StarCraft 2 released a cinematic and announced that their next expansion, Legacy of the Void, wil

  • TVC64 S3 E15 – Transdimensional Something


    Dear Listeners Audience, in this fine episode Johnny is discussing the fine program known as Raiders of the Lost Ark. Holly talks to some friends on the phone on a really expensive call from the Universal Reverse Dimension. Johnny discusses … Continue reading →

  • Tauren Think Tank #160 - Bag of Cats


    Peer pressure begets flying? Jules channels Forrest Gump? It’s our relationship episodes - new ones, old ones, and moving on from broken ones. Our discussion question: Jules brings a situation from her real life, because she’s been contacted randomly by two different people from her past that she didn’t want to hear from again. Should she respond or not reply if she doesn’t want these people in her life again?  Our Think Tank question: I was in a 9-year relationship that ended in July, and a girl I’ve had feelings for for years asked me out when I broke up with my girlfriend. I really want to be with her, but I feel like I’m constantly screwing up and not doing things right to make her happy. What should I do?  Be a part of the show by sending your Tell Us One Thing questions, feedback, and requests for advice to Slash Moo, everybody!   Website: Patreon site: Twitter: @TaurenThinkTank Facebook:

  • #193 - Convert to Raid: The Latest on Legion!


    This week, Sal from The Converted Podcast joins the crew to talk about the latest happenings in WoW and more! While we were away, patch 6.2.2 took flight on September 1st as promised, and with only 2 hours of downtime on U.S. servers. Not only is the the flight patch for Draenor, but also introduces Mercenary Mode in PvP, has some Timewalking loot changes, class changes, as well as a slight buff to all the horde racial traits. Blizzard’s Senior Game Designer Jonathan LeCraft appeared at DragonCon in Atlanta to give us more insight into what’s coming for WoW’s next expansion — LEGION. Some of the topics he discussed included Demon Hunters, overhauls for other classes, professions, transmog, and even some lore items. The CtR crew digs in to give you their takes on some of the details!   In the Battlenet News: Overwatch Coming Soon™, Diablo Season 4 goes live, Rexxar is released into the Nexus, and Heroes of the Storm’s new silencing mechanic for toxic players. Plus the gang answers your questions and so much mo

  • Tauren Think Tank #159 - Crushed


    It’s a holiday weekend, but that won’t stop us! Our discussion question: I have a crush on a woman, but I don’t think it will turn out to go anywhere. Should I tell her? If so, how should I tell her? Our Think Tank question: How do you maintain balance with WoW when you have a family? I want to make sure I have enough time to play since I enjoy the game so much.  Be a part of the show by sending your Tell Us One Thing questions, feedback, and requests for advice to Slash Moo, everybody!   Website: Patreon site: Twitter: @TaurenThinkTank Facebook:

  • Tauren Think Tank #158 - Big McLargehuge


    Our FitForBlizzCon updates, more streams, and walking in Memphis start out this show on our new recording night-Sundays at 8pm CDT! Our discussion question: I’m a poor adult college student trying to support my family with a side endeavor website business, but I don’t know how to get the word out. What can I do? Our Think Tank question: I like to collect mounts and tabards, but every guild I’ve been in has been people competing or trying to beat me in my achievement goals. I’ve been playing solo for so long to avoid it. Should I seek out a guild again because I’m feeling lonely?  Be a part of the show by sending your Tell Us One Thing questions, feedback, and requests for advice to Slash Moo, everybody!   Website: Patreon site: Twitter: @TaurenThinkTank Facebook:  

  • Episode #108- I Want Fire on My Meat


    In the News: Spoofing starwars Burger wars come to an end? There’s nothing Bruce Campbell can’t do Mind Blown Still not a friends reunion happening but…... They’re Bringing it Back Up Well if Masters of the Universe is happening…. Star Watch IMAX land grab More peeks Play with Me Hello Chucky Serenity Lego or not

  • TVC63 S3 E14 – Zesty Rock


    Hello the listeners and the audience. This week Johnny learns about new developments in the Entertainment organization of Humangelous Universal Global Systems. A guest stops by or manifests out of thin air. Or not. Rick Zesty is having some issues. … Continue reading →

  • Episode 175: H.4 - Plainswalkers Revealed


    Zanatari gets her chance to pepper the Green Dragon Empress with questions while Sezzur seals a deal. A gratefull Empire also demonstrates that it's not cheap when it comes to paying the hired help. And no, I have no idea what Jenesee was thinking when it came to the opening music selection.

  • #192 - Convert to Raid: Patch 6.2.2 Coming Soon™


    This week, the guys welcome friend, recent Heroes of the Storm tournament winner, and former raid team member Sharku to the show! Patch 6.2.2 is currently on the PTR and was announced to be heading to the live servers on September 1! Not only will be an update to include PvP mercenary mode and flying, but a moose mount (finally!), changes to Horde racial, Timewalking dungeon loot changes, and the addition of Legendary Ring catch-up quests. There are a few significant class changes also slated for 6.2.2, including buffs for Monks, Shadow Priests, Feral Druids and Protection Warriors. But since we’re deep into the Hellfire Citadel raid (the last of this expansion), is this a case of too little, too late? The crew discusses inside!   And there are many headlines in the Battlenet News too! Hearthstone releases The Grand Tournament expansion, Diablo patch 2.3.0 is now live, and the monk comes to Heroes of the Storm. The guys give you their thoughts and all of these new things and more in another fun episode!

  • Tauren Think Tank #157 - Turkey Legs and Waffle Cones


    Mount news, raiding and Ren Faire meetup stories on this week’s episode. Our discussion question: I sometimes dream that I’m cheating on my girlfriend, even though I don’t want to cheat on her! Am I a bad person for having these dreams? Our Think Tank question: My guild has just stopped doing anything together and it’s really bothering me. I’m not really not somebody who likes to create events or make people do things, but I don’t want to leave. What should I do? Be a part of the show by sending your Tell Us One Thing questions, feedback, and requests for advice to Slash Moo, everybody!   Website: Patreon site: Twitter: @TaurenThinkTank Facebook:

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