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    03/02/2013 Duración: 01h01s

    CODEX ALIMENTARIUS COMMITTEE: Their agenda is a self funfilling prophecy... and the natural health industry is in for a real shake up!  Codex Alimentarius – Translation: "Food Code" Originally envisioned and designed by what became the most ruthless and inhumane of 20th century Western European regimes, Codex Alimentarius (Codex) was later organized and officiated mainly by members of an emerging pharmaceutical industry spawned by that very same source. In its near half-century of existence Codex has emerged as the self-proclaimed international authority on food and nutrition. Intent on dictating or significantly influencing international health and nutritional policies and legislation, and backed by international trade agreements and the United Nations, Codex has done much to accomplish unimpeded protection of chemical and pharmaceutical interests on a global scale – much to the detriment of sustainable health and nutrition. Tune in to find out more about Codex!  

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    13/01/2013 Duración: 29min

    Providing consumers with credible informaion they can use to make better educated decisions regarding their health and nutritional choices...