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Skavenblight Radio is a podcast about the Skaven race from Warhammer Fantasy. We cover collecting, tactics, painting and army building.


  • Welcome to Episode 4


    Since we were so late recording the last episode we decided to just skip a month and try and get back to the regular 13th release date by delaying it a little more. Chris and Dan talk about what they have been up to, the Escalation tournament at the North West Games Centre, and are joined by Mathusala0 for a Skaven magic lore review/tactica. Feel free to leave any feedback here, or catch us on Facebook or @SkavenblightRad on Twitter. You can subscribe to our RSS feed and as if that's not enough we are also on iTunes. Thanks to Clanlord Trask for the music. The link for Honest TrailersStreaming link : PodcastDirect Download Right Click and save target/page/link as1:07:30 - 1:08:20 is my favorite moment someone should model this! ~Dan

  • Episode 3


    Welcome to Episode 3.Chris and Dan talk about what they have been up to, how to take better model pictures, what caught their eye on the Skaven forum, a couple of recent tournaments they have been to and cover some requests talking about rat-stars and wither. A quick warning/disclaimer:We have always had a degree of adult language in the podcast but in this one we get a little carried away with it, we must have both been on the sweary juice.We have a bit of talk about piracy, we do not endorse piracy and even if it sounds like we are doing so, please take it in the tongue-in-cheek fashion in which it was intended.Streaming link: podcastDirect Download: right click and save page/target/linkFull Contents:0:00 - Intro and recent events21:00 - Forum Threads - Dimco's Skaven24:50 - How to take better model pictures34:00 - More forum threads - Army Book Pricing42:00 - Ratstars and Wither/Drain magicFeel free to leave any feedback here, or catch us on Facebook or @Skavenbligh

  • Dark Elf Special - new book review


    Welcome to our Dark Elf book review.Chris and Math chat over the new dark elf rules, what they do and what they think of them.Feel free to leave any feedback here, or catch us on Facebook or @SkavenblightRad on Twitter or on the forum.You can subscribe to our RSS feed and as if that's not enough we are also on iTunes.Thanks to Clanlord Trask for the musicStreaming link : PodcastDirect Download: Right Click and save target/page/link asEdit: I am apparently an idiot - warlocks get doombolt and soulblight (not doom and darkness). Still makes them very nasty, just not quite in the same way.

  • Welcome to Episode 2


    Welcome to Episode 2.Chris and Dan talk about what they have been upto, Dan's new army (not Skaven. Boo, Hiss!), what caught their eye on the Skaven forum,the recent tournament they both went to at The Outpost in Sheffield along with some chat about how the Daemons of Chaos book is working out now people have had a chance to get used to it.They also chat about the Underempire council elections and the rumours of Dark Elves arriving soon.Links for our favourite therads are:Krajji's Horde - Clan RlyejjProject Log (conversions)Den of ImaginationFeel free to leave any feedback here, or catch us on Facebook or @SkavenblightRad on Twitter or on the forum. .You can subscribe to our RSS feed and as if that's not enough we are also on iTunes.Keep your eye out for our council special with Dan bullying some council members, the launch of the Skavenblight Radio website and some painting/hobby videos coming soon.Sorry if we ran a bit long for some people's tastes. We plan to

  • Skavenblight Radio: Lizardman Special


    Dan and Math (Mathusala0) go through the new Lizardman book having a chat about how the rules have changed and what's new, particularly in relation to how it effects them when up against Skaven.I think my highlight was Math trying to keep his language somewhat under control when he hears the name of the author.Direct Download Streaming Link

  • Episode 1 - ETC list discussion


    Welcome to Episode 1. Be warned that we do use some naughty words so if that sort of thing offends you click away now. Streaming LinkDirect Download (Right Click and save target/page/link as)Chris and Dan chat about what they have been up to in the hobby since the last podcast and a few interesting forum topics.Torpored Blog - Lots of cool ratty conversionsSkaven's Plight - Skaven ComicHannanibal's Painting TutorialHow to deal with the Banner of the World Dragon The main topic of the podcast is the Skaven ETC lists. They do a bit of an ETC intro, tactics, comp etc. then get into some number-crunching to see what the most popular lists were and put together an "average" Skaven ETC list and pick out a couple of their favourite lists.    The "Average List" was: Grey Seer - Bell, SkalmCheiftain BSB - Shield, Banner of Eternal FlameAssassin - Weeping Blade, Potion of StrengthWarlock Engineer - Level 2, Warp Energy CondenserWarlock Engineer - Level 1, Dispel ScrollWarlock Enginee

  • And So It Begins...


    Hey there!A couple of weeks ago the HeelanHammer podcast did a dedicated Skaven episode. It got a few of us UnderEmpire forum regulars thinking that a Skaven podcast would be pretty cool. We kind of thought that it would end up being one of those forum things that never really goes anywhere, but thanks in large part to SkavenDan we actually got our shit together and recorded a test episode.We have quite a few ideas for further episodes and are planning to make this actually be a thing.I thought I would put up a blog as an easy way for you to keep track of what was going on with it. Both a bit of behind the scenes as we work on the trials and tribulations caused by a bunch of guys (girls are welcome too, but let's face it warhammer is mostly guys...) who only know each other though a forum trying to put together a workable podcast.I have a few ideas of what to put up on the blog:New episode announcementsBehind the scenes stuff to help out other people who want to get into podcastingHighligh