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Rena Silva recently 'ranted' on facebook about Americans and their dogs. It made me think of a recording I did when our oldest son was 5.


  • 2007 Recording "Drew and the Nature of Man"


    Rena Silva recently 'ranted' on facebook about Americans and their dogs. It made me think of a recording I did when our oldest son was 5.

  • A Thank You Update for March 25, 2011


    At the end of 2010 I received the letter that the president of our sending agency sent to all the donors because we also support some missionaries at WorldVenture. I felt a little bit of a connection with my supporters as I read the letter because I knew they were reading the same letter. I decided, then and there, to write a letter on the same subjects but personalized for my supporters like only I could.  Here it is: Dear Supporters,  As the wavering economy and the turmoil in the world tests our faith in God's goodness we are filled with joy and praises for our Father in heaven because you continue to graciously involve yourselves in supporting your brothers and sisters in Christ who suffer here in Mali, and you support the spreading of the good news of Jesus Christ to the tribes and languages who do not worship Him in truth. Your confidence in God is evidenced in your giving, and we are honored that you have commissioned us and sent us on your behalf. We endeavor to continue to earn your trust

  • Scattered thoughts at the beginning of our time in Mali


    This podcast was done almost as a stream of consciousness recording. So I know it might be confusing. But listen anyway, this is the beginning. We are trying to lay a foundation, and slowly but surely each of these scattered seeds will grow and bear fruit.

  • Living in the Land of Harley Joy


    Looking up from her peanut-butter and jelly sandwich, Harley said, "Dad... I can run and kick my butt." It made me happy because I could tell she was recovering from the fever she had been having for the last 24 hours. Harley is like a slow-blooming flower. You have to have a lot of patience to get a look inside her beautiful exterior. Recently, I got a peek at what is going on inside. As you know, Harley has traveled a lot in the last couple of years (which is all of her life as far as she remembers). Her life is spread wide across three continents, and recently she has made some attempts to explain this to me. At four years old, Harley doesn't really understand geography and distances. So when she says something about going to Lulu and Pappy's house she inevitably says something that gives away the fact that she doesn't technically understand what she is talking about. Then people grill her with questions like, "How are you going to get there? Can you walk? Will it take a long time?" Annoyed by these distr