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  • Paul George and Russell Westbrook are the best duo since peanut butter and Jelly

    12/02/2019 Duración: 37min

    Gerald Tracy of Fox San Antonio/News 4 joins Chuck Chaney to discuss the Thunder's 120-111 win over Portland. Paul George 40-point triple-double Russell Westbrook 10th consecutive triple-double (NBA Record). Thunder have won 11 of 12 now.

  • Paul George and the race for MVP

    11/02/2019 Duración: 42min

    Chuck Chaney does his best impression of a podcast host as the Thunder get ready to host the Portland Trail Blazers. Paul George is an MVP Candidate and James Horvath makes an appearance!

  • E98: Melo Traded! Does Steven Adams have the best hair in the NBA? Pat Muldowney thinks so

    20/07/2018 Duración: 49min

    Pat Muldowney from the Ringer joins the podcast to talk about Carmelo Anthony being traded to the Atlanta Hawks. Does Steven Adams have the best hair? Should we stop worry about the team's money? We also answer your questions from Twitter! 1:40 - The summer of emergency podcasts!
 4:53 - Melo has been traded! 
10:00 - What adjustments are needed for the Thunder next season
 14:26 - Andre Roberson was the most important ever. 
17:00 - owners shouldn't own sports teams to make money and learning from your mistakes
 23:12 - Nerlens Noel is key for the Thunder
 26:00 - Pat working at the Ringer
 29:15 - Bill Simmons may not be the worst person ever
 33:18 - Oklahoma City did enough to not give up too much this time around
 35:14 - Thunder Q&A!
 47:48 - OKC's first ever starting lineup

  • E97: #MeloRevengeTour2k19 AND PAUL GEORGE SIGNING

    02/07/2018 Duración: 41min

    Chuck Chaney and George Stoia hop on the Peake & Roll to discuss the Paul George signing. George pitches his ultimate project yet, the Melo Revenge Tour 2k19. 2:00 Are we all recovered from the PG news? Hungover? 3:15 LeBron James to LA without Paul George 4:45 Lance “whisper in my ear” Stephenson to the Lakers? 5:10 The breakdown of what happened with the party (please don’t judge us on how we say NAS) 6:25 Where were you when PG made his announcement 8:50 SALTY LAKER FANS TEARS ARE MY FUEL 10:15 Whataburger and Frontier City is better than Los Angeles 13:45 George will fight over you over QuikTrip 15:00 Chuck & George get off topic and talk about jobs and HS Football 21:37 Hashtag Melo Revenge Tour 2k19 25:01 did PG and LeBron make their decisions a long time ago? 26:30 ANDRE ROBERSON IS UNDER RATED 28:45 Let Melo Start. We have a solution 30:00 Nerlans NOEL! 32:30 we love you Felton 34:00 OKC learned from their mistakes 36:00 Finally, a superstar chooses OKC 38:30 George needs to go to 8-mile 39:30 we mis