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  • TechByter Worldwide 2019-10-27: Impersonation, the Kind of "Flattery" Nobody Wants. Short Circuits. Spare Parts.

    27/10/2019 Duración: 20min

    Consider what happens if some creep impersonates your Facebook or Instagram account. It's nowhere near as bad or as serious as having your identity stolen, but it's still a major annoyance. Reducing risk and avoiding the problem is best, but be prepared just in case you become a victim. In Short Circuits: If you're having a problem with Windows, the Feedback Hub (once available only to those in the Windows Insider program) might help with a repair. Microsoft's Office Lens puts a scanner in your pocket. I've been looking at some TechByter programs from 20 years ago and a lot of websites that were cutting edge back then no longer exist. In Spare Parts (only on the website): The Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities' October newsletter contains suggestions for avoiding online fraud. We'll take a look and there's a link to the newsletter. • Support for Windows 7 ends in January and about one third of all Windows computers are still running that version. • Twenty years ago: We were just beginning to se

  • TechByter Worldwide 2019-10-20: Acronis True Image Raises the Backup Bar. Short Circuits. Spare Parts.

    20/10/2019 Duración: 20min

    The just-released verson of Acronis True-Image backup adds what the company calls "dual protection" to ensure that you'll always have a backup of your backup. In Short Circuits: Adobe's Elements applications, Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements, continue to add features that are powered by the company's Sensai artificial intelligence engine. Facts are important and they seem to be in short supply these days. isn't the only fact-checking operation so let's take a look at some of the others. In Spare Parts (only on the website): The first rule of the internet still applies: Trust nobody. • Jam Audio has just released water-resistant ear buds that look like they'll be perfect for a workout in the gym or a walk in the rain. • Twenty years ago: IBM was boasting about the performance of its new Power4 line of CPUs.

  • TechByter Worldwide 2019-10-13: Exposure X5 Has Lots of New and Enhanced Features for Photographers. Short Circuits. Spare Parts.

    13/10/2019 Duración: 18min

    The newly released Exposure X5 gives users powerful new ways to control distortion, vignetting, color fringing, and chromatic aberration -- problems that can damage the look of an otherwise good photograph. In Short Circuits: Microsoft has added some new controls for the mouse cursor. There's now a range of 15 sizes for the pointer and, even better, you can set the color of the mouse cursor to make it more visible. More than 100 utilities are available on the NirSoft website. Most are provided without charge and they can help users see what's happening in normally hidden areas. In Spare Parts (only on the website): If you're still running Windows 7, you're running a risk. Too many computers are still using that long-outdated operating system. • The American Library Association and the Overdrive ebook management system from Rakuten are making select copies of new ebooks available without delay. • Twenty years ago: While preparing for the January 2000 version of the Consumer Electronics Show, I was impressed th

  • TechByter Worldwide 2019-10-06: Taking a Photo is Just the First Step. Short Circuits. Spare Parts.

    06/10/2019 Duración: 19min

    When cameras used film, we didn't have much control. Pros and serious amateurs had darkrooms or used professional labs, but most of us couldn't even crop an image without using scissors to cut the print. Now everyone can do what only the pros used to be able to do and much more that pros never dreamed of being able to do. In Short Circuits: can be your key to becoming a better photographer, or a C++ programmer, or a sound engineer. All it takes is a library card from one of the libraries that offers the content for free. If you're thinking about buying a new smart phone or you're looking around at mobile phone services, Google Fi is becoming a serious contender. In Spare Parts (only on the website): The most dangerous application on your computer is still the email program. • The FDA says some medical devices can be exploited by crooks who could change how the devices work. • Twenty years ago: After returning from PC Expo in New York City, I wrote that we seemed to be turning into the Jetsons. Some

  • TechByter Worldwide 2019-09-29: What Happens After the Computer's Hard Drive Fails? Short Circuits. Spare Parts.

    29/09/2019 Duración: 22min

    You know the hard drive in your computer will fail someday, so you've been making regular backups. But what if you can't restore files from the backup when disaster strikes? Preparing for recovery is the step that's all too easy to miss. In Short Circuits: Suddenly your computer starts acting like it's full of congealed tar balls and who's to blame? Sometimes it's not malware or Microsoft. Every computer user who does anything on the internet is using Linux, so why is Linux installed on so few home computers? In Spare Parts (only on the website): Exposure Software (known as Alien Skin until recently) has just released Exposure X5. I'll have a full review in a couple of weeks, but let's take a quick first look. • If you've ever wanted a jukebox that plays 45 RPM records, you can now buy one -- but only if you have $10,000 or so lying around. • Twenty years ago: The top search engines were Yahoo and AltaVista, but a newcomer had arrived and was building a reputation for itself.

  • TechByter Worldwide 2019-09-22: How to Stop Your Smart Phone from Driving You to Distraction. Short Circuits. Spare Parts.

    22/09/2019 Duración: 17min

    In an effort to be helpful, smart phone manufacturers, service providers, and apps want to send messages and reminders. There are ways to tame the deluge. In Short Circuits: BIOS updates are always problematic. Should we install them or ignore them? The old advice was generally to ignore them, but that advice needs to be modified when security issues are involved. Did you sign up for the $125 Equifax settlement thinking that you might actually get $125? Dream on. In Spare Parts (only on the website): The Digital Citizens Alliance says online services such as Facebook and Google are not doing enough to keep sellers of illegal drugs off their systems. • QBE North America has launched processes and insurance designed to protect their clients from cyber threats. • Twenty years ago digital cameras were just beginning to gain acceptance as sensors captured enough data to make snapshot size photos.

  • TechByter Worldwide 2019-09-15: Small Towns and Businesses Increasingly Are Targets of Ransomware. Short Circuits. Spare Parts.

    15/09/2019 Duración: 21min

    We hear about ransomware attacks that affect cities and, while they are frequent targets of malware, some crooks target small businesses and home users because they know the targets will be softer. In Short Circuits: Sometimes it seems that electronic devices go out of their way to make our lives miserable and, when they do, finding a solution to the problem can be challenging. If you've been thinking about switching to an open-source office suite, there are two primary choices: OpenOffice and LibreOffice. So which one is better? We'll look. In Spare Parts (only on the website): When you need to run a notebook computer or tablet for a long time and there's no nearby power source, modifying the computer's power settings can help. • It's also a good idea to keep an eye on the battery's performance over time because you'll probably need to replace the battery at least once before you replace the computer. • Twenty years ago some people were in a tizzy about the September 9th computing disaster that turned out to

  • TechByter Worldwide 2019-09-08: Big Changes for This Year's Corel Draw Graphics Suite. Short Circuits. Spare Parts.

    08/09/2019 Duración: 27min

    Corel Draw has been around for a long time and the recently released 2019 edition of the graphics suite continues the company's long running emphasis on ease of use. In Short Circuits: Some of us love the Windows Start Menu. Some of us hate it. Either way, there are actions you can take to improve how you get to the programs you use most often. You might think that I'd be sad to say that Alien Skin Software no longer exists. I'm not and I'll explain why. In Spare Parts (only on the website): A recent update to the Emoji panel in Windows 10 makes the component really useful for the first time. • You know not to trust emails that claim to be from your boss, but what about phone calls? • Twenty years ago a company wanted to sell wearable computers for the equivalent of nearly $10,000 in today's money.

  • TechByter Worldwide 2019-09-01: If You Have a Scanner, You Need VueScan. Short Circuits. Spare Parts.

    01/09/2019 Duración: 22min

    Anyone who owns a scanner -- regardless of make, model, or type -- should take a look at VueScan because it's probably better than the software that came with your scanner. In Short Circuits: Website owners often receive emails from China with warnings that someone is trying to register their website name. In short, it's a scam intended to separate your money from you. Another scam that I hadn't seen before added an entry to my Google calendar so that it could create pop-up messages telling me that I had won an IPhone. In Spare Parts (only on the website): It looks like there's finally been some progress in getting phone companies to cooperate in a way that may eventually eliminate or at least reduce unwelcome robocalls. • It's been 20 years since Adobe introduced InDesign. Publishing has changed a lot since then and InDesign now virtually owns the desktop typesetting and page layout market.

  • TechByter Worldwide 2019-08-25: Photo and Designer Join Affinity Publisher, so Let's Take a Look. Short Circuits. Spare Parts.

    25/08/2019 Duración: 18min

    Powerful features and low cost are rarely features of a single computer application. Normally you get one or the other but software developer Serif is trying to provide both in its new series of Affinity products. In Short Circuits: Adobe has added several new features to its photographic applications and has updated many others. The result is one you'll like. If you'd like to frighten yourself, have your Wi-Fi router send a copy of its latest status report to you. In Spare Parts (only on the website): Small improvements can make big differences in your photographs and I'll show you one that's both easy and dramatic. • If you have some old computer gear that is no longer in service, taking it for a short drive to Newark next weekend would be a good idea.

  • TechByter Worldwide 2019-08-18: Choosing the Right Computer for School. Short Circuits. Spare Parts.

    18/08/2019 Duración: 22min

    If you need a computer for school, you'll find lots of choices. Maybe too many choices. It's not a one-size-fits all situation, so picking the right computer involves matching your needs. In Short Circuits: Some scammers are just plain stupid, so let's take a moment to laugh at one that fits that description. It's getting harder to use the Flash Player in most browsers and it will be impossible by the end of next year. Websites that use the technology have until the end of 2020 to upgrade. In Spare Parts (only on the website): We'll take a quick glance at some big improvements in Adobe's photo applications. • Bearing in mind that today's cameras are just computers with lenses, should we be surprised that they can be infected with malware? The short answer is NO.

  • TechByter Worldwide 2019-08-11: These Are Outstanding Days for Readers. Short Circuits. Spare Parts.

    11/08/2019 Duración: 20min

    Life has never been better for those who prefer to read books on electronic devices and libraries offer a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction materials for patrons. In Short Circuits: There is a threat on the horizon for electronic books and audiobooks. Four major publishers are planning to severely limit library access to electronic versions of their books. Do you need a utility to confirm that your smart phone is working and would it be worth more than $200 per year? Microsoft continues to offer rewards for Bing searches and for participating in daily exercises. Although amusing, these actions aren't exactly rewarding. In Spare Parts (only on the website): How to modify Windows so that you'll always have a current restore point. • Using a Wi-Fi hotspot without a VPN application is dangerous and Erie Insurance says a VPN is just one of several steps necessary to improve security.

  • TechByter Worldwide 2019-08-04: WordPerfect Office Suite Still Delivers. Short Circuits. Spare Parts.

    04/08/2019 Duración: 22min

    WordPerfect hasn't been the dominant word processor since the 1990s, but Corel's development efforts for the past 23 years and WordPerfect's long-time killer feature (Reveal Codes) make it exactly the right choice for some users. In Short Circuits: Sometimes a new application doesn't install properly. When that happens, finding a workaround starts with reading and understanding diagnostic messages. The Google Local Guides feature is handy for finding store hours, movie theaters, and good restaurants, but it can be much more during a crisis. In Spare Parts (only on the website): Capital One, a Virginia bank with a huge on-line presence, suffered a data breach that exposed credit card application information from 100 million people. Fortunately, this incident isn't quite as bad as it sounds. • Sometimes Windows takes far too long to shut down. There's a solution, but it involves a Registry edit and it's a change that might cause other problems. Let's take a look.

  • TechByter Worldwide 2019-07-28: Your Money or Your Data? Short Circuits. Spare Parts.

    28/07/2019 Duración: 18min

    Too many people are trying to steal your data, whether it's on your computer or stored on-line. We all have a duty to be cautious, so let's consider how. In Short Circuits: If you have an old computer or other electronic device that still works, you can sell it. But what if it's broken? You may still be able to sell it and keep it out of a landfill. Some electric utilities make it possible to keep an eye on real-time usage. An update to Adobe Audition has added several new features. One of them is small but uncommonly useful. In Spare Parts (only on the website): LampLess projectors still have light sources, so are they really "lampless"? Maybe it depends on your definition. • Amazon can now deliver packages to your car if you live in one of 50 specific cities, have a current Acura RDX, and park it in the right place.

  • TechByter Worldwide 2019-07-21: After Much Research, I Have Identified the Best Camera in the World. Short Circuits. Spare Parts.

    21/07/2019 Duración: 21min

    You may be surprised by the price of the best camera in the world, but extensive research and testing have revealed that it probably costs less than you would expect. In Short Circuits: If your Windows 10 computer seems slow, it might be the result of having too many applications open in the background. Far too many developers think their app should run all the time, but it's easy to turn off the ones you don't want. Police departments are using social media and some have even developed apps for mobile phones with the objective of making people aware of police activities. In Spare Parts (only on the website): Sudden panic about a photo app that's been around for two years is unwarranted but it does raise some valid questions. • Youngstown is about to lose its newspaper and an experiment in electronic journalism will take its place. • A new round of idiocy is circulating on Facebook, calling for people to copy and paste some word-salad text to keep Facebook from using their photos. As with most of these, it cl

  • TechByter Worldwide 2019-07-14: Publisher: The Final Part of Serif's Affinity Puzzle. Short Circuits. Spare Parts.

    14/07/2019 Duración: 21min

    If you're struggling with Microsoft Word or Publisher to create newsletters and other publications, Affinity Publisher might be just what you need. Surprisingly, it's also good for much larger documents. In Short Circuits: As a follow-up to this week's review of Affinity Publisher, let's take a look back at how much publishing has changed since the mid-1980s when the first electronic typesetting applications came to desktop computers. If you sometimes see page not found errors when you try to connect to a website, it's not your fault. It is, however, something you can fix. In Spare Parts (only on the website): As useful as Google Backup and Sync is, sometimes it doesn't sync or back up and you'll have to find a way to fix it. • Mobile internet speeds in the United States are improving, but we we're still in 40th place worldwide.

  • TechByter Worldwide 2019-07-07: A Few Ways to Get More From Windows 10. Short Circuits. Spare Parts.

    07/07/2019 Duración: 26min

    For most of us, Windows 10 is Microsoft's best operating system, but that doesn't mean it can't be improved. Let's take a look at some ways that you can modify a few settings or learn a few tricks that will make it better. In Short Circuits: In a few days Google will modify how Photos and Drive interact with each other. Changes made in one location will no longer be reflected in the other. That's the way it should have been all along, but the change will probably cause some confusion. Starting more than a year ago, Microsoft stopped making backups of the Registry as a way to make the operating system consume less disk space. That decision might make you nervous; if so, there are two ways to fix it. In Spare Parts (only on the website): When the power goes out, a UPS unit can save the day and good home units are available for less than $100. • Small businesses and home businesses often fail to prepare for a cyberattack. If this describes you, consider two points that are important to your financial survival.

  • TechByter Worldwide 2019-06-30: Looking for HDR Processing? Check Aurora. Short Circuits. Spare Parts.

    30/06/2019 Duración: 18min

    If you like the idea of combining multiple photos to create a cool high-dynamic-range look, but haven't been able to get the results you want, now would be a good time to take a look at Aurora HDR from Skylum. It works as a standalone application or as a plug-in for Adobe's applications. In Short Circuits: Facebook constantly adds features I don't want and displays far more ads than seems reasonable. Social Fixer makes Facebook tolerable by removing stories, games, and other components you don't like. I've encountered another laughable porn scam. Let's take a look at the email and see why it's obviously a phony. In Spare Parts (only on the website): Microsoft's safety features make recovering from a problematic update easier than in the past, but the leftover files can get in the way. You can remove them. • Notepad is a handy Windows utility. Notepad++ is even better and it's free.

  • TechByter Worldwide 2019-06-23: Living on the Microsoft Edge. Short Circuits. Spare Parts.

    23/06/2019 Duración: 21min

    After trying to convince Windows users that its own proprietary display engine was better than the ones used by Chrome and Firefox, Microsoft has given up on EdgeHTML. The next version of Edge will be based on Chromium. In Short Circuits: Recently released updates to Adobe Lightroom Classic include a powerful new feature that most people probably won't use, but those who care deeply about color purity will be delighted. For the majority of users, a new Texture slider will have more appeal and Adobe says that automatic adjustments have been improved. No matter how fast your computer is, you probably wish it could be faster. Let's consider a couple of options to make it so. In Spare Parts (only on the website): Previewed at last year's Max conference, Adobe Gemini will be known as Fresco and is coming soon. • Big changes for the New York City subways and buses as the MTA works to convert from plastic Metro Cards to a system that accepts payment from electronic wallets and various kinds of payment cards.

  • TechByter Worldwide 2019-06-16: Password Managers Revisited. Short Circuits. Spare Parts.

    16/06/2019 Duración: 23min

    I'm a proponent of password managers, but I've chosen to switch from one password manager to another even though the one I'm switching from is still a worthwhile and viable application. In Short Circuits: When I receive an email account deactivation notice, I instantly recognize it as phony because I am my own email system administrator, but what if you receive a deactivation message that seems to be from your ISP or from the corporate email manager? Some of the new top-level domains (ICU, for example) seem to have only spammers and scammers as clients. I have a solution. In Spare Parts (only on the website): Sony is now a respected camera manufacturer and the company has more than 50 lenses for their digital SLRs, which puts the company on par with Nikon and Canon. • United Airlines is rolling out an application that's designed to help passengers get to connecting flights even if their inbound flight arrives late for a tight connection.

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