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The editors, Joshua and Mitchell, from GadgetDeck (the gadget news blog) come together once a week to talk a podcast and talk tech.


  • The GadgetDeck Podcast - PrePodcast


    After alot of attempts and horrible, horrible, false starts, we have finally got the podcast up... but even then it wasn't very good. Well what do you think, have a listen. Josh (one of our editiors) was going solo though. For those who don't know what this podcast is, it is where (normally) 2 people, Mitch and Josh, talk about gadgets LIVE on ustream ( or you can listen to it here. By the way we are trying to fix the audio problem. Here's what gadgets they, I mean Josh talked about this time...-BlackBerry Playbook-iPads in BMW-Roku XDS-Apple TV-Android Marketplace-PlayStation Move-Nintendo 3DS