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SCENE (Sydney Congress Embracing the New Evangelisation) provides a mini World Youth Day experience in the heart of Sydney during non World Youth Day years. SCENE 2012 will build on Madrid 2011 and help to prepare for Rio in 2013. IN HIM is the theme of SCENE 2012.

During this Year of Grace we have been invited to contemplate the face of Christ and to recognise, respond and receive the grace that is being offered to us in him. SCENE is an event where you can do just that. At SCENE we will START IN HIM through prayer, preaching, the Scriptures and the Sacraments, CONTINUE IN HIM through teachings and workshops. Finally, by our presence in the city with the Vocations Expo, live music, and evangelisation initiatives, SCENE will help us to GO FORTH IN HIM to witness to the abundant life he offers.

Bishop Julian Porteous
Episcopal Vicar for Renewal &
Archdiocese of Sydney


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