Shirley Hills Baptist Church



Sunday morning service with Pastor Jacob Green of Shirley Hills Baptist Church in Warner Robins, GA.


  • Finished: From Faithless to Faithful


    Jacob Green continues his series, "Finished" with a message from Luke 24 on Jesus' first conversation with his disciples after his resurrection - a cnversation that moved them from "Faithless to Faithful."

  • Finished: Jesus Opens Our Eyes


    Jacob Green continues his series, "Finished: Conversations From Beyond the Grave" with a message from Luke 24 on Jesus' conversation with the disciples on the road to Emmaus.

  • Finished: A New Life


    Jacob Green begins a new message series entitled, "Finished," preaching from John 20 on the resurrection of Christ and how it brings us "A New Life."

  • What Jesus Did For Me


    Jacob Green shares a Palm Sunday message from Matthew 26-27 on the events leading up to teh crucifixion of Christ, reminding us of "What Jesus Did For Me."

  • Healthy Church: Insisting and Resisting


    Jacob Green concludes the study of Titus, emphasizing the need for a church to insist on the right things and resist the wrong things in order to be healthy.

  • Healthy Church: Gospel, Grace, and Godliness


    Jacob Green continues his "Healthy Church" series with a message from Titus 2 and 3 on "The Gospel, Grace, and Godliness."

  • Healthy Church: Outside In


    The "Healthy Church" message series continues with Jacob green preaching from Titus 3 on living lives that display gospel change for the world to see.

  • Healthy Church: Discipleship


    Jacob Green teaches from Titus 2 on how all groups within the church are tasked with being and making disciples by teaching and living out the gospel

  • Healthy Church: Guarding Against False Doctrine


    Jacob Green continues his "Healthy Church" message series, teaching from Titus 1 on the need for the church's leaders - and the church as a whole - to guard against false doctrine and teaching that distorts the gospel.

  • Healthy Church: Leadership


    Jacob Green begins a message series in Titus on the keys to a "Healthy Church" with a message from Titus 1:5-9 on Biblical expectations for leadership.

  • Getting The Story Straight


    Jacob Green concludes his "Finding Your Story in His-Story" message series with a message from Acts 1 and 8 on "Getting the Story Straight" so you can have gospel conversations with others.

  • How Do You Tell Your Story?


    During the "Finding our Story in His Story" series, jacob Green teaches from 1 Peter 3 on "How Do We Tell Our Story?"

  • Do You Have A Story To Tell?


    Jacob Green continues his message series "Finding Your Story in His-Story" with a message from Matthew 10, asking, "Do you have a story to tell?"

  • God's Story, Our Story


    Beginning a new series entitled, "Finding Your Story in His-Story," Jacob Green preaches from Galatians 1 on Paul's testimony as an example of being a part the grand story God is writing.

  • E3: Encourage, Equip, Empower


    Jacob Green begins 2018 with a message for the church from Ephesians 4, casting vision for the church's effort to encourage, equip, and empower everybody for ministry.

  • New Beginnings


    Jacob Green preaches a message from Romans 15 on "New Beginnings" for the church in the new year 2018.

  • The Savior Reigns


    Jacob Green concludes his Christmas message series, "Joy to the World" with a message from Psalm 98, "The Savior Reigns."

  • Heaven and Nature Sing


    Jacob Green continues the "Joy To The World" Christmas message series, teaching from Psalm 98 that God's people should be a people of worship and join in as "Heaven and Nature Sing."

  • Let Earth Receive


    Jacob Green continues his "Joy to the World" Christmas series with a message from Psalm 98:1-3, "Let Earth Receive Her King."

  • The Lord Has Come


    Jacob Green continues his "Joy to the World" series with a deeper look into Isaiah 9:1-5 and the joy we have in the truth that "The Lord Has Come."

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