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Broad Street Hockey Radio is a weekly podcast that discusses current events around the Philadelphia Flyers NHL hockey team.


  • BSH Radio 50: Flyers vs. Penguins playoff preview, with predictions!


    Hey, playoff time. Hey, playoff prediction time. Hey, BSH Radio time. We wont't bore you with a long introduction here. The Flyers and Penguins are playing hockey, and last night, some of us here at Broad Street Hockey sat on our couches, connected to Skype and talked about it. As has become tradition, we also used this show to make postseason predictions. None of us picked the Flyers, so get excited! The Flyers have a chance to win the Cup! Oh, and we got helped from a special guest, too. See the predictions chart after the jump.

  • BSH Radio 49: Previewing Flyers vs. Devils .... sort of


    In lieu of the typical preview of the evening's game, today we're bringing you yet another riveting (ha) edition of Broad Street Hockey Radio. Geoff and I missed Ben this week, but we got on just fine with the knowledge that he hates Dane Cook as much as we do. And without him, we actually did talk about hockey. From the GM meetings to the Atlantic Division playoff race to something about the Ottawa Senators, Episode 49 actually resembles a hockey podcast. Sort of.

  • BSH Radio 48: In Which We Barely Mention Danny Briere (Or Hockey, For That Matter)


    We're back with another edition of BSH Radio, and we had a lot of catching up to do. Of course, none of that catching up had anything to do with the Philadelphia Flyers. Nonetheless, if you missed our voices, you can listen to us babble on for nearly an hour about Geoff's Thin Mints addiction and my apparent bewilderment that there are Washington Nationals fans in Washington, D.C. We tried to get this episode up on Tuesday before the Sharks game, but we had editing issues (appreciate that, crashed hard drive). You'll have to excuse the talk of "looking ahead" to the San Jose game, then. Don't worry -- hockey talk was certainly secondary this week.

  • BSH Radio 47: Answering Questions About Defensive Depth, Deserted Islands and Tebow


    A week or so ago Travis, Geoff and I got together and answered most of those questions you left us. Not all, but most. Hear all about which Flyers beat writers we would take to our deserted island, what we would get the Flyer we drew in Secret Santa (with Googling advice from Travis), and, of course, a brief suggestion about how to explain Eurovision to a toddler. And, like all great episodes of BSH Radio, this Luca Sbisa edition of the show ends with music.

  • BSH Radio 45: Chris Pronger, Ilya Bryzgalov, And Just About Everything Else


    Hey, new radio show! Geoff doesn't join us this week, but Ben and I talked about quite a bit. Topics covered: - Injuries to Matt Read, Danny Briere and whoever else - Chris Pronger being out of the lineup and how that hurts the defense - How Pronger's absence has a trickle down effect on the entire defensive unit, all the way to Adirondack - That whole thing with Ilya Bryzgalov - The general sort of "eh, this team is okay" feeling that's surrounding the Flyers right now - Our impending masthead trip to Glens Falls - Other stuff

  • BSH Radio 44: Talking to a Flyer, a Rock Star, and Geoff


    In Broad Street Hockey Radio 44, I (Ben) talk to three different people. First, I talk to Geoff Detweiler, about important topics like logo-shaped pretzels and who will be the next Max Talbot. Second, I talk to a Flyer about various stuff, including 24/7 and keeping count. Third, I talk to BSH musician-in-residence MikeFive about his new song for us, which premieres at the end of this episode. Right-click the following link to save and listen to BSH Radio 44, or play the embedded version after the jump. Or, better yet, subscribe to our feed via iTunes. Enjoy.

  • BSH Radio 43: Meet The 2011-12 Flyers Edition


    After a lot of agonizing technical difficulties, this should work. Right-click the above to save and listen to the 43rd edition of Broad Street Hockey Radio, which recorded on the second day of the season. And since Geoff is now big-timing us with Hockey Prospectus, he's not included. Enjoy.

  • BSH Radio 42: Inexplicably, we actually answered all your questions


    On this week's BSH Radio, we tried talking about the Flyers for a little while. You know, it's been a big two weeks around these parts. And after about 10 minutes of talking about all of that, we just couldn't wait to get to all of the ridiculous questions you asked. We answered every single one of them that was in the list during our show, and the result is an hour of... well, of something. Get the show after the jump.

  • BSH Radio 41: Late Night WTF Edition


    Yeah, so that happened. In order to digest the news, Ben Rothenberg, Eric T. and myself recorded a special edition of BSH Radio without Travis. This was done at the end of a very long day for all of us, so while we try to make sense of it, we also largely try to cope with it. Is it good radio? Who knows. But it was almost cathartic for us to get it out and discuss. This wasn't your typical radio show since it was largely a free flow of ideas, thoughts, questions, and vulgar statements. There wasn't even a proper introduction. Or a proper conclusion. Doesn't matter. Jump to (hopefully) get the audio.

  • BSH Radio 40: On the end of the season, Richards vs. everybody, goalies, more


    The end of the season is here, and on this week's BSH Radio, we try to make sense of everything that went wrong. From the goaltending to the offense to the defense to Peter Laviolette to everything in between, there's plenty to talk about this week. Unfortunately, we also spend a good deal of the show talking about the ongoing, never-gonna-stop Mike Richards saga. It's old and tired and... still a topic of conversation, unfortunately. Just a word of warning: there's a decent amount of profanity in this week's show, so uh, just a heads up. You can get it after the jump.

  • BSH Radio 39: Game 3 preview, in which the Flyers need a win


    Once again, we've recorded what could be our last show of the 2010-11 season. But really, let's not focus on that, because the Flyers need to win tonight. We discuss the game, the Flyers chances in it, some injury stuff as it pertains to Jeff Carter and Chris Pronger... and we discuss crappy pop music from around the turn of the century. Okay, well, Ben does. We recorded this one kind of late last night, so it definitely goes off the rails a little bit. You can decide if that's a good thing or not.

  • BSH Radio 38: Previewing Round Two, Flyers vs. Bruins


    So last week wasn't our last show of the season, after all. The Flyers are still alive and we're still here breaking down the postseason. We obviously turn our focus this week on BSH Radio to the Boston Bruins and the obscenely paid men who try to win hockey games for them. We also get to our second round predictions, and of course, we brag about how good our first round predictions were. Oh, and Geoff makes excuses for why he finished off with a worse record in the first round than Ben and myself did. We put him in his place.

  • BSH Radio 37: In which we discuss the Philadelphia Flyers and Buffalo Sabres


    Woo, playoff hockey. Not much of a description on this one. It's BSH Radio, it's Flyers and Sabres, and if everything goes miserably wrong over the course of the next week, it could be the last show of our season. We're pretty confident it won't be, but still. Don't chance it. Make the jump, listen. And Geoff's off this week, so you won't find yourself getting pissed off for no reason. Also, Patrick Kaleta sucks.

  • BSH Radio 36: Our first round NHL playoff predictions


    It's playoff time, and after getting our predictions completely wrong last year when we did this show, we decided to do it again! After the jump, you can get this weeks show, as well as a full look at The Masthead's playoff picks. The sound quality isn't the best this week. We had recording issues and had to settle for a backup recording, which we're lucky we had at all.

  • BSH Radio 35, Part 3: Live From A Saturday Night In Glens Falls, NY


    It's Part 3 of BSH Radio's trip to Glens Falls, New York! Isn't that exciting? Okay, we'll admit: this Part 3 isn't full of much hockey talk, but we do start out talking a bit about our impressions of the Phantoms and their local fans after a second night of hockey in upstate NY. Of course, we're doing this talking while, uh, "preparing" for a night out in Saratoga. It involved beverages. Draw your own conclusions. So this episode is a little out there, but that's not to say it's not entertaining radio. You even get to hear a fight between Don and Geoff, which is pretty hilarious to even just think about. And yes, somewhere in there you might find some redeemable hockey talk. Maybe.

  • BSH Radio 35, Part 2: Another Check-In From Glens Falls, NY


    Thanks to horrible hotel Internet connections and a bad broadband card (seriously, Cricket doesn't work in upstate NY... should've gone with Verizon or something), we're a little behind in documenting our awesome trip to Glens Falls. We'll have a ton of stories this coming week, including a lengthy interview with Phantoms coach Joe Paterson, but in terms of the radio show, we have three more parts to get up on the site. We recorded a show on Friday afternoon while driving north, we recorded on Saturday afternoon in between games, after Saturday's game while, um, preparing for the night out in Saratoga, and we recorded one more on Sunday while driving back to Philadelphia. So they'll be up over the next few days, and while the BS to hockey talk ratio is incredibly low, we still think the shows have the potential to be pretty entertaining. Here's the Saturday afternoon show, in which we discuss our first impressions of Glens Falls and what we liked and didn't like on the ice in Friday night's game.

  • BSH Radio 35: Live From Interstate 87, Part 1


    A very special edition of BSH Radio this week, live from the road on the way to Glens Falls, NY. We recorded this one in the car today as myself, Geoff, Shaun and Don traveled up here for a few Phantoms games. We'll be chiming in a few times this weekend with some more editions of the show, but for now, join us as we talk about the Flyers recent play, the media with nothing to talk about, the current state of the Phantoms and what we're excited to see this weekend, and of course, Don muttering at bad drivers.

  • BSH Radio 34: Homeless trivia, Pronger's injury and more


    BSH Radio returns this week with a rousing game of Flyers trivia between Justin F., our reigning champion, and Pardini36, a worthy challenger for sure. We won't give away any of the details, but you'll want to hear about the time Pardini slept in an elevator.Oh, and we need a challenger for next week... so shoot me an email or drop it in the comments if you're interested.Following another edition of rousing trivia, Geoff, Ben and I sat around and talked about a whole multitude of Flyers topics. Is the slump over? (Geoff says yes.) How does Chris Pronger's injury impact the rest of the season? And how much ice time should Erik Gustafsson see while Pronger is out?

  • BSH Radio 33: How worried should we be about the Flyers recent play?


    After last week's debacle of a radio show that will be thankfully tucked away in the abyss of my computer for the rest of time, we return this week with a new trivia challenger and a listen-able version of BSH Radio. Reigning champeen mikefive was challenged by Justin F., and much like an episode of Maury before the commercial break, the results will SHOCK YOU. Well, this isn't a paternity test, but whatever. Ben was absent this week, so after the SHOCKING TRIVIA GAME, Geoff and I got into the issues of the week. Should we be concerned about the Flyers right now? What exactly should we be worried about? Also, we get pretty in-depth about Eric's article on who the Flyers should face in the postseason. We talk about charts and graphs and stuff. Pretty nerdy and awesome.



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