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  • 040 - Catalina SBS Tournament + Reports


    We caught the five major species: Catalina Calicos, Havasu Smallmouth, CA Delta Striper, Colorado Trout, and Irvine Largemouth. Packed with tips, ideas and discussion, this episode was worth the wait! 040 - Catalina SBS Tournament + Reports

  • 039 - Summer Special I


    How to fish all types of water for all kinds of fish as the climate shifts into Summer...also a surprise call to Sean for a Colorado Summer update 039 - Summer Special I

  • 038 - Offshore Gear Rundown & More!


    Clarifying gear you should take offshore for different trip lengths and species, clearing green rust off of gear, listener calls, offshore kayak fishing, Sean's Colorado update, Some Trout, fishing in defrosting lakes and much more!  038 - Offshore Gear Rundown & More

  • 021 - Sierra and Alaska Fishing


    Bristol Bay Mining Project, Fishing in Alaska, What to bring to the Sierra Nevada/weather forecast, Tips for buying boats on Craigslist, Snakehead invasion, local creek exploration 021 - Sierra and Alaska Fishing

  • 022 - Saltwater Bass Series' Gerry Meheiu


    Interview with tournament director Gerry Meheiu on running the Saltwater Bass Series, how he got started, difficulties of running a tournament, his philosophy on payouts, and future plans/upcoming tournaments. 022 - Saltwater Bass Series' Gerry Meheiu

  • 023 - Catalina, Sierra, Havasu, Irvine Reports


    Tons of reports!  Sean covers the Trout Opener in the Sierras, Daniel got big ones at Catalina, Brad pulled them out of Havasu and Swaim fished Irvine, We answer some listener questions, talk about scent 023 - Catalina, Sierra, Havasu, Irvine Reports

  • 024 - First Place Tournament Win!


    Daniel covers the ins and outs of his Catalina tournament win and his next tournament strategies, Brad's Havasu report, Also Fishing Trivia and scorpion facts 024 - First Place Tournament Win

  • 025 - Lure Review: Candy Mack


    We test the Candy Mack Inshore swimbait and give our formal review, we also share how you can win 2 Candy Macks!! 025 - Lure Review: Candy Mack

  • 026 - White Sea Bass Chronicles


    Back and better than ever, we discuss white sea bass catches, giant carp, entry level fish finders, old line, Daniel's Boat repairs, and much more! 026 - White Sea Bass Chronicles

  • 027 - Catfishing Tips and Tricks


    A rundown of Catfishing techniques, Boating safety, SBS and SWBA Tournament Coverage, Rockfishing update, Keenefish's Catch of the Week White Sea Bass, wakebait fishing! 027 - Catfishing Tips and Tricks

  • 028 - Complete Float Tube Buyer's Guide


    Shapes, Brands, Cost, Everything you need to know about float tube fishing.  From U-shaped to V-Shaped to Round shaped to Pontoon, We have it all covered including equipment, Listen and Learn! 028 - Complete Float Tube Buyer's Guide

  • 029 - Listener Questions


    Dorado and yellowtail spearing, Deep crank color selection, Rod selection, how to catch a fish in a pond, Giveaway info, Big Hammer Trout Fishing, Lure customization, Salt Water Fly Fishing Angling, How to set your drag 029 - Listener Questions

  • 030 - Rod Review: Shimano Clarus


    East Coast Eddie asks about trout in the summer, Dodoman asks whats going on with Dorado, SBS Final in Oceanside, Brad's Havasu Report and first Lingcod   030 - Rod Review: Shimano Clarus

  • 031 - Lure Review: Lethal Weapon Shad


    Lake Perris Report, Review the Lethal Weapon Precision Shad, Giveaway Information, Sean's Dorado, Taz's Yellowtail, Snake eating Bass, Sardine Rigging Secrets 031 - Lure Review: Lethal Weapon Shad

  • 032 - How to Spearfish - Spearfishing Special


    Start a new hobby! Learn how to spear fish. Everything from what gear you need to how to track and catch fish. FishCast Spearfishing how to guide! 032 - How To Spearfish

  • 033 - Department of Fish and Wildlife


    Department of Fish and Wildlife Lethal Weapon II and III Swim Jigs - Drag Queen Jig, socal spearfishing wetsuit, VseaSport posted Sea of Cortez report, human hand scent when fishing for salmon,Yay or Nay? mess with swimbait tails, Shoutout to ManGod26 033 - Dept of Fish and Wildlife

  • 034 - Fishing In Fall: Fall Fishing Special


    Kevin Van Dam 5 Clues for Fall Fishing, Top 100 Bass Lakes, FishCast Contest Winner, Gel VS. Oil Bait, the meaning of Bass eating off a plate, Dangleberry Rig, 3 Way Swivel Crank Rig, Bass Fly Tips, Laguna Niguel Lake Trout Opener, Canyon Lake Report 034 - Fishing in Fall

  • 035 - Hooping: Lobster Hoop Netting Special


    Learn everything about hoop netting, the best hoop nets, hoop netting techniques, what is caught in a hoop net, what to do with the lobster, the cost of entry, hoop netting license and limits, hoop netting rules and regulations 035 - Hooping: Lobster Hoop Netting Special

  • 036 - Winter Fishing Special + Reports


    New DFG Rules, Winter Tips and Tactics, Silverwood, Irvine, Perris, SARL and LNL reports and Tips, Electric Fish Stunner, Bassmaster classic discussion 036 - Winter Fishing Special + Reports

  • 037 - Laguna Niguel Lake Interview


    Learn what it takes to run Laguna Niguel Lake, current conditions and secret spots in our interview with Darren, one of the current owners of Laguna Niguel Lake. Answers to burning questions including:Membership/annual pass possibilities, Future Hookjaw Trout plants, Water clarity, Carp and bass die off/revival 037 - Laguna Niguel Lake