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Diet Free Life Radio with Robert Ferguson. He's a certified nutritionist, speaker, best-selling author, fitness expert, and CEO of Diet Free Life, LLC. Robert has been dubbed as America's leading voice of wellness and weight loss.


  • The Stayhealthy Experience #20 – Tia Morris

    19/03/2020 Duración: 51min

    Ever meet a person whose life is the blueprint for a movie? Tia Morris stops by The Stayhealthy Experience to talk about her stellar law enforcement career and the inspirational story of how she survived an aggressive form of breast cancer, diagnosed on her 48th birthday.

  • The Stayhealthy Experience #19 – Florence Ann Romano

    11/03/2020 Duración: 01h11min

    Florence Ann Romano, The Windy City Nanny™ , sits down with the hosts of The Stayhealthy Experience to talk about how she became one of America's most sought after authorities on the role and responsibilities of nannys. The conversation offers insights into parenting including how to communicate more effectively with your children as well as the many benefits that having a nanny can offer busy families.

  • The Stayhealthy Experience #18 – Graciela Casillas

    05/03/2020 Duración: 01h15min

    Graciela Casillas, Black Belt Hall of Fame inductee, “Woman of the Year,” educator, and self-defense expert stops by The Stayhealthy Experience for a conversation about her fighting career and parenting in the age of social media. Graciela talks about being the first athlete to simultaneously hold world titles in both boxing and kickboxing, and about the art of teaching young women about self-defense and self-esteem.

  • The Stayhealthy Experience #17 – Mamba Mindset

    02/03/2020 Duración: 41min

    Daniel Baldwin and Robert Ferguson discuss Daniel’s documentary and his 50 pound weight loss. They also talk about the challenges with addiction, weight loss, staying motivated, and following through with what’s most important. In particular, they converse about the role that one’s attitude plays in succeeding against the odds and also tap into the late Kobe Bryant’s “Mamba Mindset” or “Mentality”. Tune in to find out how we can all benefit from this way of thinking—because whether your goal is to lose weight, break an addiction or keep a promise to yourself or others—you’ll discover how mindset is the key.

  • The Stayhealthy Experience #16 - Alicia Doyle

    19/02/2020 Duración: 57min

    Award-winning journalist, Alicia Doyle, visits The Stayhealthy Experience to celebrate the publication of her first book, Fighting Chance. She shares insights about her memoir, a book that is a must for anyone seeking to be inspired. Alicia pulls no punches as she shares the hard-hitting truth about her life’s journey to through some of life’s darker moments.

  • The Stayhealthy Experience #15 – Dr. Adrienne Lara

    14/02/2020 Duración: 01h13min

    Dr. Adrienne Lara, founder of the Celebrating Women Center and Harvard trained physician, stops by The Stayhealthy Experience to talk health, weight loss and gynecological issues. She also shares stories of inspiration and the role of sexuality in overall health. Dr. Lara explains how optimal patient care is collaborative, involving both the patient and doctor working together as a team to arrive at the same goal—patient wellness.

  • The Stayhealthy Experience #14 – Dr. Judy Ho

    06/02/2020 Duración: 01h11min

    The Stayhealthy Experience proudly hosts nationally acclaimed Clinical and Forensic Neuropsychologist, professor, author, and media personality, Dr. Judy Ho. The discussion was light-hearted, thought-provoking, educational and entertaining. Dr. Judy shared insight into her book, Stop Self Sabotage, the Kobe Bryant tragedy, how to communicate with children about health, weight and sexuality, and coping with common life-related challenges of all kinds.

  • The Stayhealthy Experience #13 – Italian Wine Interview

    29/01/2020 Duración: 01h02min

    The Stayhealthy Experience sits down with fifth generation Italian-American winemakers, Dave Panaro and Ronald Nordstrom, to discuss the world of wine. In this show, you will learn about the differences between traditional Italian style of wine making in contrast to French and Californian methods. These wine authorities share an intriguing overview of their winery and business as part of a fun conversation with hosts Robert Ferguson and Barbara Kris.

  • The Stayhealthy Experience #12 – Shari Sheldon

    22/01/2020 Duración: 53min

    Co-host, Daniel Baldwin, interviewed cancer survivor, Shari Sheldon, at the recent San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium. She opens up about her life before and after being diagnosed with breast cancer. An advocate of Stayhealthy’s breast cancer survivor platform, OWL (Own Your Wellness and Living), Shari addresses many of the critical issues survivors face and how OWL can play a role in supporting both survivors and caretakers.

  • The Stayhealthy Experience Episode #11 – Weight Loss After 50

    17/01/2020 Duración: 42min

    In this episode of The Stayhealthy Experience, you will discover the 3 core principles that make weight loss easier for people over 50. Men and women know that weight loss after 50 can be difficult–especially when relying on strategies that succeeded in our youth. You may have heard that once you enter your 50’s, your metabolism slows down. Increased waistline has also been blamed on hormones, which can result from low testosterone levels and/or a lack of estrogen due to menopause. Whatever the cause, most adults agree that weight loss when you’re 20 is much easier than for a 50-year-old. Ever wonder why that is? Tune in to find out.

  • The Stayhealthy Experience – #10 – David Pryor

    08/01/2020 Duración: 01h10min

    Highly respected physician, author, and founder of Black Women’s Health, Dr. David Pryor, sits down for an entertaining, educational, and inspiring discussion on The Stayhealthy Experience. Pryor has a wealth of experience, having worked as Medical Director at Aetna, West Coast Medical Director at NBC/Universal, Corporate Medical Director at Comcast, and is currently the Medical Director at Anthem. This conversation is packed with helpful information about weight loss, hypertension, stress, and suggestions for living one’s healthiest life!

  • The Stayhealthy Experience #9 - Real Estate

    02/01/2020 Duración: 57min

    Real estate veterans, Monique Lemons and Katie Connelly, visit The Stayhealthy Experience to share insights into how to deal with the stress involved when buying and selling a home. Moving is recognized as one of the single most stressful life events and it can cloud decision making if you are dealing with real estate. Monique and Katie share their proven strategies that can reduce such anxiety and enable sellers to increase profits and buyers to get a better deal.

  • The Stayhealthy Experience #8 - Lahna Turner

    26/12/2019 Duración: 01h07min

    This week’s Stayhealthy Experience features Lahna Turner, the widow of highly acclaimed and late comedian, Ralphie May. Among his achievements, he won Casino Comedian of the Year award at the Global Gaming Expo. After an-up and-down marriage, giving birth to two children, and the loss of her husband to food and drug addiction, his widow had to find the strength to move forward and thrive once again. Lahna shares how she continues to raise their family and perform her own comedy as well as details about the long-awaited documentary, "What's Eating Ralphie May". 

  • The Stayhealthy Experience #6 – Addiction

    25/12/2019 Duración: 01h06min

    The Stayhealthy Experience hosts — Robert Ferguson, Barbara Kris and Daniel Baldwin — engage in a fun, thought-provoking and informative conversation about recovery from addiction and the growing health concerns linked to excess body fat. Daniel also opens up about his battle with addiction and how after entering rehab nine times, he finally succeeded.

  • The Stayhealthy Experience #7 - Surviving Cancer

    19/12/2019 Duración: 28min

    In this episode of The Stayhealthy Experience, actor, activist and co-host Daniel Baldwin, sat down for a conversation with Stayhealthy Chief Science Officer, Dr. Colin Hill, and Oncogambit Founder and CEO, Dr. Hannah Luu, at last week’s San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium. They discuss OWL (Own Your Wellness and Living), Stayhealthy’s new mobile platform for cancer survivors, which was just launched at the Symposium. You can learn more about this platform at:

  • The Stayhealthy Experience #5 – Katarina Van Derham

    05/12/2019 Duración: 01h16min

    In this episode of The Stayhealthy Experience, we feature successful model, actress, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Katarina Van Derham, who shares her story about growing up in Czechoslovakia (now Slovakia) and arriving in America with just $500 in her pocket. With all her success, one of her greatest causes is getting the word out about the growing health problems associated with breast implants. Join Robert Ferguson, Daniel Baldwin, and Barbara Kris as they have a candid conversation with Katarina about living with and without breast implants and how she continues to excel in Hollywood.

  • The Stayhealthy Experience #4 – Daniel Baldwin

    05/12/2019 Duración: 01h16min

    In this episode of The Stayhealthy Experience, actor, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Daniel Baldwin visits the studio for a candid conversation with hosts Robert Ferguson and Barbara Kris. Daniel shares insight into his acting career to include how he and his famous brothers got into acting and his new documentary titled, “My Promise to PJ.” He also makes no excuses for how his life has unfolded and is proud to be dubbed as the Robin Hood of helping drug addicts succeed with recovery. In this episode you will laugh, reflect and experience thought-provoking discussion about mental health, diabetes, weight loss and the benefits of having a relationship with God. Daniel talks about past relationships with the likes of Tupac Shakur, Chris Farley and John Candy to name a few.

  • The Stayhealthy Experience #3 – Ziggy Kormandel

    05/12/2019 Duración: 01h19min

    In this episode of The Stayhealthy Experience, the creator of patent-protected augmented reality and President of Stayhealthy, Inc., Ziggy Kormandel sat down with Robert Ferguson and Barbara Kris to talk health, cancer survivorship and technology. Listen in on the conversation that will have you intrigued and inspired to live your healthiest life. The world is changing and this is not always a negative. With the invention of augmented reality and the advancements of how to help others improve their health, Stayhealthy as a company is providing solutions for all ages.

  • The Stayhealthy Experience #2 – Herb Dean

    05/12/2019 Duración: 01h13min

    On today’s The Stayhealthy Expereince, Robert Ferguson and Barbara Kris sit down with former MMA fighter and award-winning Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) referee, Herb Dean. This conversation ranges from how to keep healthy when you’re non-stop traveling and eating out, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), how the MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) name came about and some fun talk about living one’s dream.

  • The Stayhealthy Experience #1 – Chuck D of Public Enemy

    01/12/2019 Duración: 47min

    In this inaugral episode of The Stayhealthy Experience, hosts Robert Ferguson and Barbara Kris talk with Hip Hop legend and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Chuck D. Their wide ranging conversation covers Chuck D’s life experiences as an artist, his personal health regimen and habits, his new group, Prophets of Rage, and what makes a successful performer as it relates to health and wellness.

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