Elder Scrolling Online



An Elder Scrolls Online Fan Podcast.


  • Last Audio


    We are no longer putting the show on itunes. The show will continue! we will be live every sunday, except next sunday do to holiday season. We will be live streaming on twitch.tv/esoing and posting to youtube, youtube.com/elderscrollingonline. Advertisements

  • Episode 8: Spidey Wolf


    In this episode the guys go over update 6 and whats to come with that. And yes there is a spidey wolf…

  • Episode 7: My Suggestion Is…


    In this Episode we have a lot of suggestions and ideas for Zennimax and the improvement of the game. We also welcome Justin to the crazy fold of hosts.

  • Episode 5: We B Back!


    We are back weekly! After the two month break we have returned to bring you more eso news, gameplay, tips and trips with much more!

  • Episode 6: Bromance


    In this Episode the guys make an interesting bet… and much much more.

  • Episode 4: That’s Fishy


    In this Episode we go over patch 1.3 in detail, Joe gets stuck fishing like crazy for yellow dye and much much more!

  • Episode 3: Bombshell


    In this Episode the guys go over in detail everything that was brought up for the future of eso at Quake Con 2014.

  • Episode 2: Konkle and Wrobel


    In this episode special guests Nick Konkle (lead game play designer) and Eric Wrobel (content designer, he does the skills and stuff

  • Episode 1: Provisioning Masters


    In this episode (our very first full length episode!) We talk about the recent major patch, our play in game, the lusty argonian maid and MUCH MORE!

  • Episode 0: A Fat Intro


    Episode 0: A Fat Intro Hey everyone! The hosts are telling you a little about the show and who we are in this short introduction to the new fan podcast for Elder Scrolls Online: Elder Scrolling Online.