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The state of Hip-Hop is garbage!


  • Award winning blogger and activist Bro. Jesse Muhammad


    Download PodcastJesse Muhammad, affectionately known as Brother Jesse, is a journalist, award-winning blogger, experienced community organizer, news analyst, social media strategist and international motivational speaker. He hails from Houston, Texas, and recently spoken out on rapes that occur in prisons. Brother Jesse will join us tonight on Militant Minded Radio to discuss his work, his vision and get his take on the NBA, Donald Sterling and related reporting.

  • Militant Minded Radio w/ “Vince Most Wanted”


    Download PodcastTonight “Vince Most Wanted” drops in on Militant Minded Radio. Vince is the creator of #TRUTHUMENTARYTAPES which can be found on Youtube. He is also a member of the OutLaws.

  • Politrickin with Hip Hop Artist & Spoken Word Poet Saymo


    Download PodcastSaymo describes himself as a Spoken Word Emcee; masterfully fusing both the arts of Hip-Hop and Poetry into his songs. He hails from Columbia, South Carolina, and his passion for writing has been apparent since middle school. Saymo is Driven with the purpose to connect with kindred spirits that lack a voice in todayâ??s society, and he has travelled all across the East Coast spreading his music. Saymo is also the founder of #teamPOET, which is an acronym for Providing Opportunities to Entertain and Teach, that now has reached Kenya and South Africa! But, at his core, Saymo is simply a devotee of his art, and is currently preparing his upcoming body of work.

  • Palestine, Israel and Hip-Hop artivist Jasiri Xtra


    Download PodcastMilitant Minded Radio welcomes back Hip-Hop artivist Jasiri Xtra to discuss human rights issues concerning the Palestinians and the Israelis. In a track and video released in January of 2014 titled "Checkpoint", Jasiri X refers to Israel as an apartheid government.

  • Noah and the mythical curse of Ham w/ Min. Paul Scott


    Download PodcastMin. Paul Scott drops in again on Militant Minded Radio to elaborate on these discussions surrounding Noah and the Curse of Ham.

  • Stop the killing with funeral director Tyrone Muhammad


    Download PodcastFuneral director Tyrone Muhammad is on a mission to get a message to the massed of black young men who are caught up in a cycle of violence. A Youtube video featuring Mr. Muhammad speaking on various aspects of the violence that is claiming the lives of young men garnered over 30,000 views with many in support of his message to black youth.Should a 16 yr-old girl be held responsible for the shooting death of a 17 yr-old boy she invited to spend the night in her father’s home and then denied knowing the teen after her father discovered the boy in his home that next morning? Youth advocate and activist Shareef Hameed joins the conversation.

  • Paul Porter of Rap Rehap discusses the state of hip-hop and low power fm radio


    Download PodcastIs Ebony Wilkerson suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder brought on by living with an allegedly abusive husband who beat on her? Does she have a viable battered wives defense? Paul Porter in a piece written for Rap Rehab called out Dr. Boyce Watkins and what says was a bogus discussion on the state of Hip-Hop that Watkins recently participated in on air on Hot 97's Street Soldiers which is hosted by Lisa Evers. Tune in to Militant Minded Radio!

  • Discussing Hip-Hop & Life with Hip Hop artist Problem 13


    Download PodcastPROBLEM 13 also known as Akbar Abdul-Azeez Muhammad was born in Chicago to a Afro-Cuban mother. He never knew his biological father. He came in contact with Hip Hop at the age of 7. While visiting family members in the Bronx, NY he heard a cassette tape of the Cold Crush Brothers performing live and fell in love with Hip Hop instantly. Tune in to Militant Minded Radio!

  • Minister says white Jesus is racist and offensive, calls for boycott


    Download PodcastMinister Paul Scott of the Durham, NC based Messianic Afrikan Nation. Minister Paul is calling on African descendant people to boycott the film Son of God which opens in theaters on Friday around the nation. The film is heralded as â??The First Film about Jesus's Life since Passion of the Christ and is directed by Christopher Spencer. Tune in to Militant Minded Radio!

  • Panel Discussion: Are local radio stations a part of the community or not?


    Download PodcastPanel discussion on local radio stations and what roles they play in the communities in which they broadcast. Are music stations promoting hate and violence on the radio and is it any different from the talk radio stations that promote hate and intolerance through the airwaves? Should music stations be taken to task for what they broadcast just as much as right wing radio is taken to task? Tune in to Militant Minded Radio!

  • w/ MC Hammer and The Oakland Fight Club


    Download PodcastYasin 360Wise will discuss with MC Hammer, his new hit song "All In My Mind" along with his approach to marketing and branding Oakland Fight Club. We will also ask Hammer about some of the community activism he is engaged in.After we talk to MC Hammer, we want to talk about the launch of the #teamtakeover which is a campaign initiated by Truth Minista Paul Scott of No Warning Shots Fired to stage a hostile takeover of Black History Month.Tune in to Militant Minded Radio!

  • Living Above The Influence with K Rahn and dissecting "Chozen"


    Download PodcastMilitant Minded Radio was joined by solution provider K-Rahn Vallatine the author of a new Hip Hop curriculum designed for our youth. K-Rahn Vallatine currently offers several youth empowering services that will help enhance essential life skills in our next generation.We took a look at the "Hip-Hop" cartoon featuring a gay white ex-con rapper.

  • The Kidd Creole of Grand Master Flash and The Furious 5


    Download PodcastJoining us on tonight’s broadcast of Militant Minded Radio is The Kidd Creole of the legendary hip-hop group Grand Master Flash and The Three MC’s and later known as the Grand Master Flash and The Furious 5. Yasin 360Wise will talk to him about where hip-hop began and where it is going.After we talk to The Kidd Creole, Militant Minded Radio will weigh in the latest Grammy awards.

  • Rhymageddon & Juicy J awards twerking scholarship


    Download Podcast360WISE interviews anti industry and artist Hip-Hop Artist Rhymageddon. Juicy J awards college scholarship to non-twerker.

  • A call to stop Black on Black violence


    Download PodcastDuring 2013, the headlines were filled with stories about senseless murders in Chicago and communities across the country. To kick off 2014, a coalition of Black nationalists and Black anti-violence groups , community activists and artists has started a campaign â??Black Power/Black Peace. The goal is simple; to stop black blood from spilling on the concrete in hoods across America.var sc_project=8984369; var sc_invisible=1; var sc_security="d8e923d2"; var scJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://secure." : "http://www."); document.write("");

  • 2013 in Review


    Download PodcastTonight is our last program of 2013 and we want to thank our listeners and callers for a great year in broadcasting. Of course we want to give a big shout out to the Militant Mind Movement think-tank without the radio program would not exist. We are going to open up the phone lines as we discuss where we've been and where we need to go. Studio line: 704-951-5030 & Listen Only: 1-530-881-1400 ext. #549032.

  • Speech of Arrested Development


    Download PodcastDuring the late 80 and early 90, conscious Hip Hop was in full swing, as it made a major impact on Black culture. One of the major groups of that era was Arrested Development. Tuesday night at 9pm EST , join Militant Minded radio as we are joined by Speech of Arrested Development as he discuses the impact of the group and its legacy. During the second half of the program, we will discuss the passing of Nelson Mandela, his legacy and the reactions to his death.

  • Suppression of the Black Power Movement


    Download PodcastThis year marks the 50th anniversary of the 1963 Christmas Boycott that was called in response to the bombing of the 16th St. Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama that claimed the lives of four little girls. The boycott was initiated by the group, Artists and Writers for Justice, which included Dick Gregory, James Baldwin, Ruby Dee and Louis Lomax. Although many people are familiar with the bombing, the boycott has been erased from history books. Tuesday Night on Militant Minded Radio, join us as we discuss what really happened to the boycott and the strange power that white foundations have over the Civil Rights Black Power Movement. Special guest TRUTH Minista Paul Scott. This news and possibly more tonight on MM Radio...

  • When Black people kill other Black people w/ Silky Slim


    Download Podcast Tonight we will be talking to Arthur “Silky Slim” Reed about his work to stop violence and senseless killings in our communities. Although many people are visiting family and friends this week, for many there will be an empty place at the table because of senseless violence. Silky Slim is a former gang member who once was about that "thug life" but after several near death experiences, he made a decision to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. You can check his space on the web at After we talk to Silky Slim, we want to weigh in on rappers speaking out or not speaking out on the issues rooted in racism white supremacy. There were many Black people who took issue with Jay Z not using his position, platform and power to speak out on racial profiling in a meaningful manner after he was pretty much forced to weigh in on Shop & Frisk, then there are those that gave him a pass as a victim of racism and as such should not be expected to say or do an

  • Hakim Green: Is Hip Hop in a State of Emergency?


    Download PodcastJoin us tonight as Militant Minded Radio raises the question "Is Hip Hop in a State of Emergency?" Our special guest tonight will be Hakim Green from the group Channel Live. Green is also an activist who is organizing to stop the violence in our communities. In other news..... ‘GQ’ Throws Racial Understatements at @kendricklamar & CampAuthor Terry McMillian puts the Kardashians and Realty TV on blast in a video posted on BossipGeorge Zimmermurderman out on bail after assaulting a female This news and possibly more tonight on MM Radio... Tune in via Black Talk Radio Network online or download the smartphone apps for iPhone, Android or try the apps by Tunein. Studio line: 704-951-5030 & Listen Only: 1-530-881-1400 ext. #549032.

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