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The tech-nomadic video blog from Eklektro / SolarSonic, since 2002. Whether breaking beats via electrified RV, streaming solar-sonic jams orbiting LA with a webcam, or space-walking the world with a loaded Mac in the backpack; Eklektro and friends deliver cyber-rhythmic spontaneity from the streets, wilderness and cultural coordinates of cyberspace! From the urban jungle to the Amazon; Eklektro is eclectic electronics... everywhere!


  • Absolutely Unedited: Eklektro in theory


    blog post #50 is an audio podcast, off-the-cuff and absolutely unedited, intended for playback at your leisure, on your ipod and/or while sitting in traffic... This 'Breakbeat of the Week' audio episode rambles... brainstorming out-loud as befitting of real-time, may sound like a sermon at times, but its only some utopian words off the top of one's head, musings rolling off the tongue of a tech-nomad, Siddhartha-style, solar-sonique... a Midsummer Night's ethereal dream... going for screen-play... and so conspirators wanted for Cyber EZ Ryder... Ek-lek-tro in theory. Time to shoot the movie- E>K>G

  • CityJazz: pre-Eklektro archive audio


    Something to groove to over your Monday morning coffee...While setting up the Silver Lake Studio, I uncovered some DAT tapes dating back about 10 years to the infancy of Eklektro: born of one particular warehouse party we threw in the frosty boston winter of '97, with the "eclectic-electronic" concept further developed via our renegade (and often car battery powered!) street jams that followed that next spring. There was never any set "band", rather just a fluctuating half dozen of us room mates and friends with synths and drums, all experimenting and seeing what we could cook up. Definitely a time of transition, as within the next year the whole crew would scatter in several directions when the warehouse was suddenly sold out from under us. That's when i weighed my options, bought the RV, minimized (and solarized) my studio... and hit the road to the west coast!This particular jam was a one-on-one real-time recording with my friend Ryan on synths and loops, and me on live drums. I picked this rather simple a

  • All Saint's Day: more electrifying archive audio


    Continuing upon this pre-Eklektro AV archive trip-through-history,for Nov 1st... "All Saints Day"here's a heavy-duty death-defying track... befitting for the day after Halloween, when all spirits are redeemed...ahh ha ha!! (OK, maybe that's a stretch)...Electric Angel Fixion, 1995yes, in my pre-techno days, we were Nine Inch Nails wanna-be's...and that's EKG (me) on drums and lead screams!

  • Halloween: bring out your dead!


    OK, searching my AV archives for something scary, I had to dig deep for this one... going back 11 years to my pre-nomadic life in the Boston warehouse studio, and the techno-industrial band I was fronting, called Fixion. Here's the B-side of our demo, and the track called Empty, and yes, you heard it right, the first lyrics are "When I am dead..." ha ha!! (and it kinda goes downhill from there)! something uplifting for you and yours on this hallowed eve... So to put this all in context of pre-Eklektro history: Fixion kicked hard for about a year... until Eric went to NYC to try his hand at producing, and i went to Europe and discovered raving! (more pre-millenium pre-Eklektro archive bits coming soon...)Fixion was:Vocals, drums and production: G. Weber (me)Programming, synths and production: E. Lee (where are you Eric?)Guitars and attitude: J. Carnabuci (where are you Joe?)And so on the eve of a new Breakbeat of the Week, wishing you a Happy Halloween!ek>G