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Each week Kitty Janusz and Kimberly Rinaldi explore what is real and what is reality. Ghost, Angel, UFO and Bigfoot encounters; for some these are very real experiences. For Into The Light Paranormal these subjects are the basis for very real conversations. We would love to have you join the conversation, call in or join us on live chat!


  • Mischief and Ghosts.The Ghost Brothers Dalen, Juwan, and Marcus

    04/05/2017 Duración: 53min

    Join us as we talk to the new kids on the paranormal block, the Ghost Brothers! Dalen Spratt, Juwan Mass and Marcus Harvey are the first all black paranormal team on television and they are making a splash! Each week Dalen, Juwan, and Marcus explore some of the world's most notoriously haunted locations, bringing their unique brand of humor and enthusiasm. Some may say, "Why these three? Many have decades of experience under their belts." Well, you'd be surprised how fast these three learn on their feet when the spirits come out to play! Here's a little background on today's guests.. Dalen Spratt As the leader of the group, Dalen identifies, researches, and organizes the locations that the Ghost Brothers investigate. He is bold and willing to try anything while looking to make contact with spirits. When he was 7 years old, Dalen saw an apparition in his grandmother's house and that experience had a very profound impact on his life and how he approaches the paranormal. Juwan Mass This Chicago native st

  • Built on the City's Gallows! I chat with Jokie Tolentino, Historian of one of America's Most Haunted Locations, The Whaley House in San Diego,Ca

    30/03/2017 Duración: 57min

    Thomas Whaley came to California during the Gold Rush. He opened his first general store in the San Fransisco area, selling hardware, tools, and firearms. After arson destroyed his buildings in 1851, Thomas Whaley relocated to Old Town, San Diego. He purchased a lot on the corner of San Diego Ave and Harney Street in September of 1855 and built a single- story grainery the following year. In 1856, Whaley began construction of an adjacent two-story Greek Revival style brick home of his own design. Thomas Whaley proclaimed, "My new house, when completed, will be the handsomest, most comfortable, and the most convenient place in town or within 150 miles of here," Upon completion in 1857, the home was acclaimed as the "finest new brick block in Southern California" by the San Diego Herald, and cost the impressive sum of 10,000. Whaley partnered with the Deputy County Clerk and the Chief of Police to expand the building into one of San Diego's earliest courthouses. Along with a general store, the building even b

  • Taking a Closer Look at Winchester Mystery House. Musings of an Eccentric Widow or is it Filled with Freemason Iconography? I Chat with Historian Janan Boehme

    23/03/2017 Duración: 57min

    The iconic Winchester Mystery House. We've heard the story of an eccentric widow who built a rambling nonsense house to "confuse" the spirits of those killed by the Winchester Rifle. The Winchester House is one of the most recognized estates in the United States. It has over 160 rooms, staircases that lead up to nowhere, and doors that open to solid walls. Was all this the musings of a crazy woman or are we missing the hidden meanings of the house's anomalic architecture? Who was Sarah Winchester? Most of us know only one side of the story. Dubbed "The Belle of New Haven," Sarah Pardee Winchester was a beautiful woman with a brilliant mind and an impressive education for a female of her time. She was fluent in Latin, French, Spanish, and Italian. Sarah had an extensive knowledge of Homer and Shakespeare and was an accomplished musician. Young Sarah was raised in a liberal environment that embraced progressive Freemason-Rosicrucian theology. She attended Yale University's female scholastic institution, the

  • Discussing Death, Life, and Horror Novels with Neurosurgeon and Author Dr. Edison McDaniels

    23/02/2017 Duración: 57min

    We as paranormal investigators introduce ourselves and converse with people who, are, well, dead. We may know only bits of a person's life if we are lucky enough to connect with a particular spirit attached to a location. We may know a name, some history, and perhaps a few of the tragic events that may have caused a spirit to be at unreast and haunt a location. We rarely had the opportunity to get to know that person when they were alive. But what about someone who deals in Life and Death every day? Wouldn't a person who has an intimate relationship with making life saving decisions indeed have a unique perspective on Life and Death? Edison McDaniels is a writer and novelist living in the American South. He specializes in historic fiction, surgical thrillers, and stories of the supernatural. His writing tends to involve ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances and is often informed by medicine and his knowledge of surgery. His stories showcase historical fiction and the supernatural, especially ghost

  • Origins of Ancient Alien Theories & Conversations With Aliens In Modern Age With Rev John Polk

    12/01/2017 Duración: 58min

    We look into the night sky and see an endless sea of stars. Are we alone in this vast Universe? How did we get on this little blue rock called Earh? If we came from somewhere else, does that make us aliens ourselves? Do stories in the Bible actually tell stories about visitors from Space rather than Heaven? Is the One True God really an ET? The Reverend John Marcus Polk is an International Metaphysical Minister, a Reiki Master Teacher, and a medium. In his book, “Yahweh, The Biblical God, is an Alien” John adds his insights into Ancient Alien Theory as a theologian, in the area of exospirituality. Reverend Polk is a psychic medium, making contact with ancestral spirits, aliens, and ghosts. He lives in Florida and works on writing and media projects sharing messages globally. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Reverend Polk was born in 1969 in Raleigh, North Carolina. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcasting, and another Bachelor of Arts Degree in Metaphysics from the University of Sedona. This university grant

  • Hosts of Paranormal Lockdown Nick Groff & Katrina Weidman Join us to talk about Season 2 & what's it like to Spend 72 Hours in a Haunted Location!

    05/01/2017 Duración: 32min

    We are joined once again by two of my favorite guests, Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman of Paranormal Lockdown. Nick and Katrina push their bodies and their investigative skills to the limit by setting up residence and remaining virtually nonstop for 72 hours in some of the world's most haunted locations! Nick and Katrina put themselves at risk to gather groundbreaking evidence of the paranormal. By remaining in one place over several days, Nick and Katrina can really get a "feel" for a place and can document the ebb and flow of a haunting.

  • Kitty Talks about the Weird History of Christmas Traditions in this Year End Show

    21/12/2016 Duración: 41min

    Why do we drag a perfectly good tree inside the house in the middle of Winter and decorate it? Why do we kiss under mistletoe? Why is Christmas on December 25h? Most of the traditions we celebrate during this holiday season have been borrowed from the Celtics, the Greeks, the Norse, and Ancient Germany. Join Kitty as she looks back on the weird and wonderful traditions of the season and hear what Kitty is REALLY thankful for!

  • My Guest has THE Coolest Job EVER! Matt Schulz Hosts Paranormal Tours Aboard the Queen Mary! Matt and I Share our Paranormal Experiences Aboard the Queen Mary and Discuss Why She is so Haunted!

    10/11/2016 Duración: 41min

    My guest, Matt Schulz, has what I would consider a dream job,hosting paranormal tours aboard the Queen Mary! Matt takes guests & paranormal investigators into "off limits" areas of the ship in the dead of night. Find out why the Queen Mary is considered one of America's most haunted locations!

  • Hosts of Paranormal Lockdown Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman share their Experiences Investigating the VERY Haunted Black Monk House

    27/10/2016 Duración: 53min

    Paranormal Lockdown stars Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman have created TV history by spending 72 hours straight in some of the country's most haunted locations. Now, Nick and Katrina explore their most violent location to date, the Black Monk House in Pontefract England. Rumors of a ghostly hooded monk appearing and reports of violent poltergeist activity. Residents have seen green foam oozing from walls, pools of water that suddenly appear, and family members being dragged by their hair! Was a monk hanged for his brother's crimes of murder centuries ago causing this violent haunting? Listen in as Nick and Katrina talk about their most challenging investigation to date! 2 hour special airs on Destination America his Halloween!

  • Ghost Hunters Alumni Amy Bruni Joins Me To Discuss Her New Show, Kindred Spirits. Residential Cases Are in a League of Their Own When it Comes to the Paranormal!

    20/10/2016 Duración: 39min

    I am excited to announce my guest on October 20 will be the the one and only Amy Bruni! Known for her years of paranormal investigations on the original Ghost Hunters, Amy Bruni and Adam Berry have partnered to create a new show, Kindred Spirits. As if we weren’t already excited to watch Ghost Hunters alumni Amy Bruni and Adam Berry on television again, the duo just dropped some big news: their new series, Kindred Spirits, is moving to TLC. Even better? It premieres October 21! Ever since their departure from SyFy’s Ghost Hunters in 2014, fans of the dynamic duo have clamored for them to return to TV, so when Bruni and Berry announced that they were slated to executive produce and star in a new series for Destination America, viewers were thrilled. The series, titled Kindred Spirits, follows Amy Bruni and Adam Berry as they investigate ghostly cases that revolve around frightened families who are often unsure of who they’re being haunted by or why. As two of America’s leading ghost hunters, the duo leave no

  • What Happens When You Buy a REAL Hospital,That Happens To Be Across the Street From a Cemetery,& Turn Half of it Into a haunted Attraction? Yeah, REAL Ghosts! I Talk to Richard Estep & Cami Andersen of Asylum 49

    13/10/2016 Duración: 36min

    Owner of the VERY haunted Asylum 49 in Utah joins us today to talk about chilling tales of aggressive spirits, phantom doctors, and the secret of room 666. My guest Cami Andersen takes her interest in professional haunts to a whole new level! During the Halloween season, paranormal activity rises and guests are often grabbed by the ghosts of the Old Toole Hospital during their visit! What happens when you have a working nursing home adjacent to a very haunted wing of an old hospital? Listen and find out!

  • The Ultimate Proof of Life After Death? I Talk With Author Paul Davids About His Newest Book; An Atheist In Heaven

    06/10/2016 Duración: 19min

    So what WOULD happen if a skeptic and atheist died and found some astounding answers on the Other Side? Could he or she somehow find a way to contact friends and relatives and tell them he was wrong all along? Forrest J. Ackerman (1916-2008) was a luminary in the early history of science fiction and an ardent, lifelong atheist. He promised close friends that if he were wrong about the non-existence of an afterlife, he would attempt to send a convincing message. Not only did Forrest leave a physical message for his friend and our guest today, Paul Davids, but produced four kinds of converging evidence, including.. (1) Physical phenomena with clues to his identity; (2) Frequent, highly improbable synchronicities; (3) relevant communications through psychic mediums; (4) astonishing, measurable effects on technology. Could this in fact BE the ultimate evidence for life after death? Our guest is Paul Davids, colleague of the deceased Forrest Ackerman and author of; An Atheist in Heaven Did His friend Forrest

  • Learning the Ways of Spiritual Warriors..What the Ancients Knew with William von Holst

    08/09/2016 Duración: 57min

    What IS a spiritual warrior? How can it help a person like me in this day and age? I chat with William von Holst, who works with author and teacher Imre Vallyon. In Imre's newest book; The Way of the Spiritual Warrior The Timeless Path to Enlightenment, we find that ancient civilizations lived a much more spiritual life than we do today. In the 19th century, we started to enter the Aquarian Age, and with it came a boom for Science, wisdom, and machines. In Imre's book, we learn to listen inward to hear the high vibrational songs that are all around us. Listen in and learn what the Ancients knew!

  • Quantum Physics,Perception of What is Paranormal, and oh yes, Cats! With Author Herbie Brennan

    21/07/2016 Duración: 57min

    What IS paranormal phenomena? is a phenomena actually occurring, or are we merely PERCEIVING something happening? Author of Whisperers, the Secret History of the Spirit World shares his views on how psychic mediums decipher information and with quantum physics is meshing with the metaphysical.

  • He Did WHAT? Building a House on a Haunted Street in a Haunted Canyon. My Guest David Oman Shares What it's Like Living With the Dead Every Day

    14/07/2016 Duración: 57min

    What's it like to live in one of the most paranormally active locations on the West Coast? We are excited to have our good friend and director of the movie that is based on true events; House at the End of the Drive, David Oman. The house on Cielo Dr. was built near the site of the horrific 1969 murders of Sharon Tate, Jay Sebring, Abigail Folger, (heiress to the Folger Coffee empire), Wojtek Frykowski, and Steve Parent.These murders shocked the nation and many say that their spirits have visited the house on Cielo Dr. David's house has been featured on nearly every paranormal TV show since 2009. It made headlines in the paranormal community when psychic Chris Fleming showcased his use of a K2 meter to communicate with spirits in Dave's house on an episode of Ghost Hunters.Since then, David's home has been on Ghost Adventures, My Ghost Story,Ghost Hunters, and several more.This is because his home is INSANELY active! Objects flying, EVPs, photo anomalies, you name it! Some in the paranormal field have vi

  • Exploring Cryptids, Serial Killers & Other Weird Topics With Author Michael Newton

    07/07/2016 Duración: 57min

    Author of over 300 books, Michael Newton has sunk his teeth into some pretty interesting and dark subjects. We discuss the modern scientific study of cryptozoology, or the study of undiscovered animals.What creatures lurk in the woods? is Bigfoot real? Must we sacrifice an animal and bring it's body before the public for society to believe? in our second half, we switch gears & talk about two legged monsters, serial killers. What makes someone become a killer? What is the commonality of serial killers? Join us as we crawl into the world of the hidden and the deadly with author Michael Newton!

  • Author Theresa Bane shares her research on Vampires, Monsters and More in Folklore & Mythology

    16/06/2016 Duración: 57min

    What scares YOU? Where do these ancient stories of monsters and creatures of the night come from? Are they based in fact? Our guest Theresa Bane has written many books on these subjects and we get down to business on where these stories originated and why we still love monsters today!

  • Magician Misty Lee joins me to discuss the History of the Spiritualism Movement

    09/06/2016 Duración: 57min

    Why are we so fascinated with the departed souls of our loved ones? Do we feel such guilt and sorrow that we cannot know peace until we've heard from "The Other Side"? How did the Spiritualist Movement start? The Spiritualist Movement began soon after the Civil War. Millions of families had tragically lost a family member and were lterally torn apart. They needed answers. Folks started popping up claiming to have the ability to speak to those on the other side. Were they the real deal? While some mediums were genuine and indeed have a connection with departed souls, many others were con artists who only made a connection with the wallets of grieving familes. Why did so many people believe? What lengths did some spiritualists go to to make audiences believe? Our guest today is renowned magician Misty Lee. Misty Lee is a magician at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, Ca. Misty Lee gives dramatic seances and gives her audiences insight into the history of Spiritualism.

  • UFOs and Hollywood with Author Robbie Graham

    26/05/2016 Duración: 53min

    More so than any other medium, cinema has shaped our expectations of potential alien life and visitation. From The Day the Earth Stood Still and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, to Battleship, Prometheus, and beyond, our hopes and fears of alien contact have been fuelled by the silver screen. But what messages does Hollywood impart to us about our possible otherworldly neighbors, from where do UFO movies draw their inspiration, and what other factors – cultural or conspiratorial – might influence their production and content? Silver Screen Saucers is a timely and revealing examination of the interplay between Hollywood’s UFO movies and the UFO phenomenon itself, from 1950 to present day. Join in as talk to author Robbie Graham and learn what Hollywood and the CIA knew!

  • The "Other Roswell"? Witnesses SAW bodies & TOUCHED a UFO! Author Frank Thayer talks about the UFO crash of Aztec NM in 1948 More Documentation! More Witnesses!

    25/05/2016 Duración: 57min

    Have you heard about the UFO crash in NM that happened only months after the famous Roswell crash? Author Frank Thayer spent decades researching, interviewing first hand witnesses and gathering information of a major UFO coverup. These witnesses actually SAW bodies and TOUCHED the UFO!

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